Slave Etiquette

When you enter the world of BDSM and Fetish there is a lot to learn and you may slip up along the way. My guide to Slave Etiquette will help you to avoid embarrassing yourself, or causing your Mistress to refuse seeing you again. These are some basic rules to ensure your introduction to Femdom will be a disaster free zone!

This guide refers to a clients dealings with Mistresses, but much of it can apply to escorts or cam girls too.

*Make sure you know her price, location and services before you call to book as you may not get one if you make this mistake. Don’t ask endless questions and don’t bore her with your life story as way of introduction.

Penniless Man

*Money should always be paid upfront before the session begins. Don’t try it on and hope she forgets or try and slip her a little less cash. I have had a couple of subs try this in the past. They only failed me the once and I came down on them like a ton of bricks.

*Don’t try to bargain with your Mistress when it comes to payment. She has booked you in for an agreed sum and haggling on arrival is the quickest way to turn your Mistress off. There is nothing sexy about begging. If you have already agreed the price on the phone she is assuming that you can afford her so haggling simply looks as if you don’t think she is worth her rate. Even if she accepts your offer she’ll probably never book you in again.

*NEVER offer your Mistress something else such as  drugs or a trade instead of money, this is a huge insult. Pay her rate in cash only. It’s sounds obvious but over the years I have been offered all sorts from the latest smartphones (probably nicked) through to replica watches. I even had one guy stupid enough to pull out a wrap of what he called ‘H’  – presumably Heroin. I threw him out and told him to stay away or I would call the police if I ever saw his face again.

Bitch Slap

*Don’t touch your domme without permission. Ok so she may not mind a little stroke on the lower leg, then again in her domain you must abide by her rules. Wait for instruction and don’t use your initiative with this one.  Some subs get over excited. I ordered one to kiss my PVC clad bottom and then felt him trying to worm his seedy mitts into my knickers. A sharp rap across his knuckles with my cane soon brought him back to his senses.

*Gifts are not compulsory but I am sure your Mistresses will appreciate it if you do choose to gift her with something. However, don’t buy a gift then ask for a discount. You are better off not buying the gift if you can’t afford both.

*Do not ask for services that she doesn’t offer. It doesn’t get you off to a good start.

*Always arrive nice and clean – this should go without saying.

*If your Mistress allows you a happy ending be careful where you spray that stuff! The carpets or curtains are not a good option. Plus she may rub your face in it like a bad puppy who has just wet on the carpet or demand you lick it up.

*Wet Wipes. If you use some of her wet wipes put it in the bin and do not put a dirty wipe back on the bed.  Have some respect.

Slave meme

*Don’t request something mid session that hasn’t been agreed then argue with your Domme. This is a huge turn off and you’ll arrive get thrown out or the rest of the session will be awkward and probably your last.

*Don’t ask for an entire outfit change or something elaborate when you arrive. If you have something specific you would like your  Domme to wear ensure you kindly request plenty of time before the booking.

*Don’t expect your Domme to do a session nude either. It’s unlikely she will agree and you may make her feel uncomfortable. If she is uncomfortable then you are going to be uncomfortable too.

*Try to be on time. If you are running late make sure you let her know. Don’t arrive 45 minutes late and argue that you still want two hours now if you have missed part of your slot.

*Don’t keep phoning and texting.  You are not her only client and she will probably assume you are a time waster.

*Don’t phone after hours. Even if you are drunk. In fact ESPECIALLY if you are drunk! Not cool!

*Most of all  – be polite, be courteous and be respectful.

If you can follow these basic guidelines the rest will fall into place easily! Enjoy your voyage into the world of BDSM. May your journey be smooth and enjoyable.