The Sissy Slut’s Guide

Have you always dreamed of being glamorous and feminine but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you long for a full transformation and long to be a true sissy slut. In this guide I will tell you how to achieve the perfect inner and outer goddess. You won’t even be able to recognise yourself in the mirror if you follow my instructions!

1: Depilation.

If you want to be feminine you need to remove all of your body hair. Your beard, any nose or ear hair with trimmers and a razor, the legs, armpits and of course the trickier bits – your man garden! You can buy a Veet cream for your man pussy, simply apply, leave on for ten minutes then rinse! Don’t forget places like between your bottom cheeks either. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful thong with gorilla hair poking out the sides and back!

Define your eye brows and pluck your stray hairs and only pluck under the right side of the brow, not on top or too the left. If you can’t do these yourselves get them shaped in a salon. Whilst some think the Scouse brow is trendy (by the way it isn’t, it’s hideous on so many levels) the monobrow is never going to be in fashion!

A pretty bad monobrow

2.Skincare Routine

Purchase an exfoliator – scrub your face and body all over to make your skin super smooth then apply face and body moisturiser.  There is nothing feminine about rough skin so do this everyday. Skincare can be overwhelming at the best of times!  If in doubt both Nivea and Clinique do a good range for men. All you need is cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser and body lotion. Exfoliate once per week and cleanse and moisturise every morning and night.

3: Make up time!

This is a tricky one as most men know nothing about make up. Your options are either watch tutorials on Youtube on how to apply make up and research beauty products online, or if you are not quite confident to do it yourself you could always visit a Mistress who specialises in feminisation and cross dressing. Simply search your area and see who’s local, ie type into your browser feminisation Hertfordshire or whatever town you live in.

With make up less is more. Apply a little at a time. Choose heavy eyes or lips not both at the same time. Try to match the colours to your eye colour. For example most colours go with green eyes, but try not to use the same colour on your lids as your eyes. You want to create contrast and lift and define.

Beautifully made up red lips


Every Princess loves beautiful lingerie. Forget cheap Primark bras and undies. Treat yourself to some decent underwear and measure your bra size. You can google how to do this online. All you need is a tape measure. Your lingerie should match and be of good quality. Stockings and suspenders always make any lingerie set dazzle!

Colour wise if you can’t decide play it safe with black.  Go for textures that feel good to you. For some this will be satin or silk and for others lace. If you want to create the illusion of a bust go for a bust enhancing padded plunge bra or wonder bra.

A model wearing stunning lingerie

5: Cross Dressing

Many of my Sissies tell me that the hardest thing about cross dressing is getting time to themselves to indulge their fetish. It is often difficult for them to get any privacy at home.  The more costly option is to book a hotel and order your desired items online. The cheaper option is to find a Mistress who will not only give you a private place to dress, but will also assist with clothes and make up and advise on looks. A good Mistress is likely to have a range of make up and clothes for you to dress in and will help you indulge and enjoy your fetish in the best possible way.

If you want to buy your own outfits think how you want to feel whilst you are wearing the, Do you want to feel feminine or sexy or trashy or cute? What look would suit these moods? A tight mini skirt and fishnets would be trashy for example. A long tight dress elegant, a more flowing dress feminine and a pleated mini and a v neck top would look look cute! Once you know how you want to feel it will make selecting outfits much easier.


What’s the difference between a woman and a guy apart from the obvious? It’s the way woman stand, move and speak. Elevate yourself and pull your shoulders back. When you walk put one foot in front of the other and try to move with poise. Britain’s Top Models is a good show to watch to emulate the way some of Britain’s most beautiful women walk. Now for that gruff man voice – soften it! No need to squeak in a high pitch tone (unless you are going for ridiculous) just speak more softly, flutter your lashes, practise a coy look and smile and be demure!

Jessica Rabbit and her elegant walk


Women don’t sit with their legs spread wide. They hold them together or cross them. Practise your sitting posture and your walk. If feminisation is your lifestyle rather than just a sexual kick you’ll want to practise the little things that really define you as feminine. Slow down your eating and drinking. Cut your food into tiny morsels and always use a knife and fork. Ladies don’t gobble! Sip your wine, hold your glass daintily and remember your manners.

Jessica Rabbit sitting with her legs crossed

How far do you want to go with your fetish? For you, simply cross dressing may be enough to sate your needs. Or you may want to indulge in more extreme play. Again, think about how you want to feel. Do you long to feel degraded and humiliated? Or perhaps you want to feel soft and vulnerable?

Many of my sissies enjoying slut training and they enjoy sessions where I ‘brainwash’ them. This involves activities such as me instructing them on how to suck a dildo or even learn how to take a strap on to fully become a slut. Brainwashing involves me encouraging their fetish and telling them that this is how they should always be. That their current self is their fake self and that their true self is the inner slut inside who is dying to be released! I encourage them to release their inner slut by vocalising their needs and repeating mantras such as “I love cock, I love your strap on Mistress. I am a sissy whore.”

In more extreme cases I will tell my sissies they should only be allowed to ejaculate whilst they are being penetrated and that every time they ejaculate they must think of my strap on.  They seem to enjoy this a great deal.

In some cases if my sissies enjoy this as a lifestyle, I will tell them to wear lingerie under their everyday clothes. I even had a sissy wear a butt plug to work every day for a week as part of his training to show his commitment to his transformation.

The final stage

Not every sissy wishes to reach this level. They might even enjoy the fantasy but not want to actually go through with it. The final stage involves a bi experience whereby they perform sex acts on or with another guy. It’s quite a big decision to make so think it over carefully. If you have done so and are fully comfortable with the idea, your Mistress may suggest you interact with another sub. Make sure that you have met your Mistress at least once before prior to this so you know her personality and feel comfortable. A safe environment with a Mistress you trust is the ideal.

One of my subs in preparation for this ate his own seminal fluids for a week to be certain he could handle the next step.

One word of caution would be never to practise bareback sex. Anal sex is particularly risky and your life and health are more important than a cheap thrill that lasts ten minutes!

I have covered the basics in this blog post. If there is anything else that you would like advice on please leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer your queries.

Princess Kaz

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