The Sissy Manor – Where Dreams Are Made!

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to The Sissy Manor, one of the UK’s most prestigious secret location events.

The Sissy Manor is an exquisite retreat in the South East of England that caters to those who secretly relish dressing up in beautiful feminine garments and being dominated by powerful woman.

At the centre of this gloriously kinky enterprise is Mistress Haven, a dominant transgender female who has been running alternative events for the past three years

Mistress Haven originally came into the fetish scene as a submissive, where she discovered a whole new world of cross dressing and submission. Learning how to take punishment for her Mistresses was something that she found completely thrilling and she reveals

“The Humiliation and degradation gave me a thrill, and I enjoyed being punished for bad servitude and manners in the form of Spankings, Canes and even the Strapon!”

Glamorous TS Mistress Haven Dominates A Lucky Sissy

 As Mistress Haven’s love of cross dressing and socialising with Mistresses and fellow sissies evolved, she realised that there was a gap in the market, as at the time there were no events that catered for sissies who desired the company of various Mistresses and other subs.

The beautifully groomed entrepreneur was inspired to create her very own event, which cross dressers could attend and undergo a dazzling transformation, which would see them emerge as stunning sissy girls wearing sexy make up, wigs and glamourous dresses. At the manor, sissies would be able to just be themselves in a discreet and private place with likeminded individuals. Mistress Haven’s dream had been born and was set to revolutionise the lives of cross dressers who formerly had nowhere to go to live out their fantasies of sissification.

 There are very few events of this calibre in the UK and the parties are usually sold out a week before they take place. Absolutely anyone is welcome to attend, from beginners through to the veterans of kink who have been on the scene for years. I am curious as to what sort of people attend the event and Mistress Haven flutters her long glossy lashes as she tells me:



“We’ve had all sorts of people come through the Doors. We’ve had a Kinky couple whose wife wanted to take her Girly Husband for a day he wouldn’t forget! We’ve had Professional Musicians, Bankers, Builders & even Zoo Keepers. We’ve had All Ages from the Early 20’s all the way to the Mid 80s.”


A fetish isn’t generally something you choose, it chooses you, so it’s no wonder that all kinds of people are drawn to the sissy lifestyle from students and office workers through to school teachers and judges. It’s sounds like such a wonderfully intriguing scene and I ask Mistress Haven to tell me about some of the amusing things that have taken place. She certainly doesn’t disappoint and I laugh aloud as she regales a fond memory.

“At the Christmas Event just gone, we were in fits of laughter at one of the Sissies, because every time we caned her bottom she made the most hilarious girly squeal. It was so funny we had to keep doing it lol. Even though the sissy hadn’t done much wrong, she certainly got Caned a lot for our own Comic Relief. “


It sounds like an absolute riot and I am even more intrigued than before. I wonder if Mistress Haven ever has to turn away troublemakers, but she informs me that it is a wonderful crowd of people that turn up for the parties and she only rejects the odd applicant if they are underage or are expecting to attend for free. In fact, I’m told that most newcomers tend to be a little nervous when they book, but Miss Haven is always quick to put them at ease.  She takes a sip of champagne from a beautifully engraved crystal flute and flashes me a charming smile as she tells me:

All the Ladies at the Events, are Professional World Class Dominants. They are used to dealing with people who are nervous. These events are not Sadistic, these are friendly, kinky fun events with lots of laughter in a Non-Judgemental atmosphere. I’m not saying the Ladies might not shout at you in play or give you a sore bottom, but they will laugh and smile with you and they will also show you the duty of care all Submissive’s deserve and need. “


A lot of research goes into deciding which Dommes will attend the parties and the fastidious Mistress is very thorough about ensuring that the Dommes possess all the right qualities. Generally, they must possess experience in humiliation, sissification and transforming sissies as well as a general knowledge and a good practise of BDSM and expected ethics.


“When we select Dommes to be a possible Lady of the Manor, we look for Dominants with experience. I will read reviews from their own Subs, watch videos, look at their promotional capabilities and many more attributes. But the main thing I look for is a sense of humour. I like Ladies who can laugh at themselves as well as their Sissies!”

As a former submissive, the glamorous Mistress knows exactly how to seek out the finest crème de la crème of Mistresses within the UK and will pull out all the stops in her quest to ensure that her parties are only attended by the very best. It sounds like a magnificent microcosm of glitz, glamour and kinky practises, but sometimes it does get a little bit messy Mistress Haven tells me laughing.


“Once we did kind of create a Human Centipede at the last event for the Super Dirty Sissies. Enough Said lol. “

I look temporarily stunned for a moment, then I lift my jaw back up off the floor and quiz Mistress Haven about her future plans, which she tells me includes a Sissy Manor America trip in 2019. I’m just thinking about asking if I can smuggle myself across in her suitcase when the waiter arrives to top up our glasses. We pause conversation and glance at one another in a conspiratorial manner. He must be wondering what the hell we are up! As the waiter wanders off Mistress Haven leans over and tells me that Submissives and couples travel from all over the globe to visit the Sissy Manor. Some even come from as far flung locations as The United States of America and Australia – now that is what I call dedication. With this in mind, I think it’s time to inform my slaves that they need to up the ante significantly!

Mistress Haven goes to speak, then pauses a moment, smiles knowingly and says:

“There are a few other big things which will be happening towards the end of the year, however I will keep that safely under wraps at the moment, Stay Tuned!”


A Cute & Girly Sissy Transformation

Ah what a tease! I implore her to give me just a snippet more but she insists that she has told me enough and that we will all have to wait and see what’s in the pipeline!

I am enjoying our chinwag so much that I am reluctant to bring the meeting to an end, but I reason that it’s always good to hold something back and not give everything away all at once. Just don’t forget – you heard it all here first!

 From my research and my wonderful meeting with Mistress Haven, I have come to form the conclusion that The Sissy Manor is the finest location in the UK for Sissies to explore their fetish and undergo a fabulous life changing experience.  The stunning Domme has won me over and I am very excited to accept her very gracious invitation to visit the Manor in June to mingle, play and to do a follow up. So, keep your eyes peeled for that!

If you are interested in the Sissy lifestyle and long to experience a transformation, then visit where you can find event info, testimonials from Submissives and images of all the events that have taken place.

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