Secret Life Of The Human Pups

Have you ever found yourself feeling curious about puppy play? Or ever wondered why this is becoming such a popular fetish now? The Secret Life Of The Human Pups documentary airs Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4 and promises to give you an insight into the world of fetishists that desire a more animalistic lifestyle.

The trailer has received a lot of attention from the public who are all vying to get their opinions across. Everyone has something to say about it. On You Tube there are many Vloggers mocking the ‘human pups’ and claiming that they are mentally unbalanced. One Vlogger claims “This is a 32 year old man in a latex suit – he looks ridiculous!” The show really seems to have got the public riled up, but why? I would suggest that it’s merely something that many of them have not come across before. The unfamiliar can seem absurd and those on the show are in the public eye and are an easy target.

What’s funny about this as that when 50 Shades of Grey came out as a novel and later a film, the nation went mad for it and house wives high tailed it to their local Ann Summers store to stock up on plastic whips, chocolate penises and handcuffs. Of course Mr Grey and his young lover were ultra glamorous, he was powerful, rich and someone that many could emulate. The way a concept is portrayed to the masses holds a lot of sway over public opinion and just as the media helped sell the idea of fetish and BDSM in a sexy, glam way, it’s also able to sell other ideas in a way that leaves them open to ridicule.

I have yet to see the full documentary so it wouldn’t be fair for me to comment on the angle and how the participants come across, so it will be interesting to see whether the tone is neutral, compassionate or if it ridicules those involved. I don’t think it really matters. The participants are happy enough to put themselves in the spotlight so I doubt they are overly concerned about public opinion. For everyone else, it’s a sneaky peek into more extraordinary lives and something that most people don’t see walking down the street.

Human pups

I bet you though that if you had Carmen Electra or Kylie Minogue dress up in a slinky cat outfit and writhe around the floor, housewives and their husbands across the road would be going mental and would already be online with their cards out to make a kinky purchase before the show was even over!

Have you ever yearned to be a puppy and give in to your primal instincts? Do you long for a more basic and primal life away from the pressures and stress of work? Or perhaps you think the human puppies are going too far for their kicks? Whatever your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below.

A slave learns how to be an obedient puppy

Princess Kaz training one of her human puppies

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