Name My Naughty TS Doll

I love to buy kinky and unusual items for my fetish wardrobe. They are a great addition to sessions as well as webcam play.

When shopping online recently I had decided upon buying a blow up doll to train my subs with but was torn between getting a male or a female doll.  When I spotted a TS doll I realised that this was the best of both worlds and would give my slaves many training opportunities  (as well as giving me many opportunities to humiliate my little sluts and gimps of course!)

As she as she arrived I had one of my helpers blow her up – a Mistress doesn’t busy herself with hard manual labour! Then when she was full of air I set about dressing her up into something kinky and alluring.  Fishnet stockings and a suspender belt were an absolute must, though regardless of thong size, there really is no concealing her lethal weapon!

Anyway, I am going to let you – the subs and kinksters name her! Watch my Vlog and feel free to suggest a name! You can tweet me on Twitter @kazbxx or leave a comment here for me.