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The Thrill Of The Dungeon!

Sessioning in a dungeon has a slightly different feel to it than a domestic setting.  For one, there is all that wonderful shiny BDSM equipment that is crying out to be used! It longs to hold and hug a submissive close as the leather straps fasten tightly around the pale flesh of ankles, wrists and […]

5 Celebrity’s Sexy Fetishes

Here are 5 Celebrity’s Sexy Fetishes you may not know about. Some of this I’m guessing is speculation but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Well here’s hoping anyway! Quentin Tarantino – it is largely documented on many gossip websites that the Cult Film Director Taranto has a fetish for feet. There does seem to be […]

Breathe Play – Fetish Of The Day ‘B’

Today I am exploring ‘Breathe Play’ in my blog.  Now, this is something that you certainly shouldn’t consider dabbling with alone, or with an inexperienced partner. We have all heard of those horror stories of Politicians and Rock Stars having kicked the bucket after playing around with asphyxiation and been found in their hotel room […]