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The Lost Chastity Key

The classic worry of a chastity slave losing his or her key is common, but what happens when this becomes real and the key is nowhere to be found? Well, my sissy Steph and I found out exactly what happens when we session on Saturday night! Let me tell you the build up to this […]

Converted To Chastity By Mistress Kaz

King Snake is a submissive chap and an avid fetish fan, but he had never before entered Chastity until we began liaising. When he heard about my 7 day chastity challenge he decided to bite the bullet and lock up his cock 24/7 and report back to me daily. Sleepless nights and overwhelming and bizarre […]

Stan’s 7 Day Chastity Challenge

The 7 Day Chastity Challenge! Want to be part of this? Get in touch! You must be prepared to enter into chastity non-stop for one week and keep a diary for me! Stan Stan is a 36 year old delivery driver. Despite being happily married he craves the feeling of being submissive and has bisexual urges […]

Chastity – Fetish Of The Day ‘C’

What is chastity? A chastity cage is a device often made from plastic which fits over the penis and then is locked into place to restrict the penis. This prevents the wearer from reaching a full erection or being able to pleasure himself. Many Submissive men enter into chastity and often for prolonged periods, such as […]