Mistress Kaz In Reading Presents – Zelophilia

Your Mistress Kaz In Reading presents todays Fetish Zelophila.

A Zelophile is an individual who is aroused by feelings of jealousy. These days it is more common place for couples to enter into Cuckold style relationships or to swing. For a Zelophile, seeing his wife or partner enjoy sexually play with other men stirs jealousy, which then stirs great arousal within him. There is most definitely an evolutionary aspect to this I imagine. Men enjoy the chase and then catching their prey. Often the thrill of the chase dies down a little after as security sets in. For a Zelophile, seeing his partner with another man re- ignites his passion and he becomes excited once more.

Mistress Kaz In Reading


Whilst western society have become conditioned or even accustomed to being monogamous, throughout history it was normal for men and women to have multiples lovers. This is evident in Roman and Greek history and even the middle ages. In fact wealthy Kings and Queens would have their own personal sex slaves to use when a dull moment arose! It seems the underbelly of society is once more leaning towards such a stance with the likes of swinging, sex parties and wife swapping websites on the increase. Perhaps that there is just so many more sexual options available nowadays. Those who are wise will realise that the novel of a new partner wears off quickly and nothing can beat the bond of spending your life with someone you love. However, amongst open minded couples, this level of agreed extracurricular playtime is something that works for both parties as it keeps the sex life interesting within the support of a healthy relationship.

Of course not everyone that has this fetish has a partner. I have encountered many Slaves who would get off on me describing my video shoots to them or telling them I had a boyfriend and that they would never get that close to me. They would either want to be ‘cuckolded’ in a sense or teased and denied. I had a regular phone chat customer that called me for about two years. He would ask me to pretend I was with my boyfriend whilst on the phone to him, and tell him he would never get a chance with his little willy.This was the ultimate turn on for him, and as I played along and told him things like my boyfriend was more well endowed, there would always be a series of loud groans and a ‘Thank you Mistress’ before the phone went dead.

There is definitely a hint of arousal by humiliation involved in a case like this. The humiliation and degradation is what turns many guys on. To be rejected, denied and told they couldn’t have you in a million years. In the case of couples the husband may also enjoy some humiliation and to be cuckolded or denied at times. Denial can heighten the excitement of wondering when he will get lucky next. Also in older married couples, it can take the pressure of performing away from the husband. He can rest assured his wife is happily married to him, but always getting satisfied with his consent so is unlikely to stray. For the woman, well she gets the best of both worlds if she enjoys having multiple partners.

Some Slaves do not enjoy going as far as discussing your lovers, but there are many they like to compare themselves to sex toys. I have a couple of webcam slaves that love me to hold a toy up to the screen and tell them that it is at least twice the size of their dinky’s! One used  to love it when I said ‘I could give a girl more pleasure with my little finger than you could with your silly flaccid little penis.’ For some reason this would send him over the edge every time and the screen would go black and a message would appear ‘Oh My God! Thank you so much Princess! have to clean up the keyboard now   – see you soon!’

The main point of this fetish is that it is consensual (as all fetishes should be) and involves good communication. Springing this kind of surprise on someone in the hope it might make them incredibly horny is only going to backfire and get you dumped fast!

I hope you enjoyed this topic, if so please check out some of my other blogs. This concludes my A-Z of fetish for now, but I will be returning to a few areas that didn’t make it into the A-Z so watch this space! Feel free to suggest any topics you would love to see mentioned!

Enjoy – Mistress Kaz In Reading xxx

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