Mistress Kaz – An Idiots Guide On How To Make A Reading Booking

You don’t need a degree or to be a member of Mensa to make a femdom booking with me, but an ounce of common sense and an ability to read sure does help!

These are some questions I get asked from clients who seem to possess neither of these crucial skills!

Are you in Birmingham/Manchester/Scotland/On The Moon? No I am in Berkshire. Failing the ability to understand this – it’s also specified on the about me page and Berkshire and Reading are the first words to appear there. Easy peasy!


What Is Your Best Price?

Well the best price for me would be £500 an hour. As I’m aware that not everyone has that kind of pocket money however, my rates very competitive and are clearly stated on my rates page. If a client can’t figure this much out, it’s unlikely he can even remember his own pin number to draw money out of the cash point or even navigate his way out of his own front door without injury.  Just in case you are still under any confusion – it’s £150 per hour 😉


Can you do a number 2 on me and can I eat it?

What??? No and no.

1: The thought is repulsive.

2: You want to eat what?

This is a very dangerous practise and not something I find in anyway appealing. I suggest you piss off a tramp and then fall asleep next to him. This should achieve the desired result.

Mistress Kaz

Can you mutilate me/Use a cheesegrater on my cock, Cut off my penis/ Burn me with a lighter?

A pure fantastist’s question! If you really wanted to be mutilated, I would assume that you suffered from a serious mental condition and advise you see your GP for a psychologist referral. I don’t like the sight of blood and also do not want to spend the rest of my life eating cold lumpy porridge in a 4 by 4 cell! Just in case I wasn’t completely crystal clear….it’s a No from me I’m afraid!

Mistress Kaz

Mistress Kaz


The best and FASTEST way to make your booking

Read my location and rates, then check my services list to see what I provide. Then call me to arrange a booking advising days/times you would like to visit and which services you would like. If you are a first timer and would like to ask some sensible  questions about what equipment I have or a costume request I am more than happy to answer these questions. Texts are fine as long as they are concise and to the point. Additionally pictures of penises serve me no purpose, so don’t expect a pat on the head for sending a picture of your genitalia.

Polite, courteous and well mannered slaves will be given priority on bookings and will be well looked after….and occasionally beaten slightly….but only if you insist! 😉