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London and fetish are two words that go together like Romeo and Juliet,  Love and Marriage and Anthony and Cleopatra. In the UK when it comes to fetish London is the throbbing heart that beats wildly and attracts visitors from all over the world. Look around and you’ll see hard concrete everywhere, unless you are by the river. But take a moment and look deeper and you’ll find it’s passionate beat, it’s array of many clubs, bars and venues are geared towards the fabulously kinky! Awash with neon lights, lasers, smoke machines, dark caverns, sinister dungeons and uplifting bass lines, there is a whole world of kink waiting to be explored.

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In yesterdays blog we looked a few brands and events that make London such a richly thriving community for fetish.  That community comes from different walks of life and ideologies and includes all types of people, young and old, bisexual, gay or straight, it attracts, doctors, lawyers, office workers, students to name a few. Despite different backgrounds, levels of education, class or race, these people all have one thing in common that unites them – a love of all things fetish! When you visit a fetish club your orientation or race is of no consequence. You could be a waitress, a clockmaker or an airline pilot, it really doesn’t matter. These communities, ‘munches’ and clubs welcome all with open arms without prejudice. The London scene is particularly open minded. The only rules in the clubs tend to be ‘Use a safe word’ No Drugs’ “Over 18’s’ ‘Consensual Acts Only’ and ‘Ask Permission To Play First.’ This ethos is a good guideline to follow as it doesn’t impose strict regulations but serves to protect it’s consumers and allows them safe play in a controlled environment.

So what exactly goes on in a fetish club? All clubs have slightly different themes and guidelines but are generally very similar in their core values. Fetish clubs offer a safe venue where guests can mingle and get to know fellow fetish lovers. Often there are live stage shows where you can see everything from saucy choreographed shows, aerial acrobatic and fire swallowing through to far more risque burlesque style acts. Many clubs offer dungeon or play areas where couples are free to play or interact with other couples, or even just watch. Some clubs offer workshops and demonstrations where guests can take part and learn more about certain arts, for example the subject might be ‘bondage’, ‘flogging’ or ‘electric play’ for example. The beauty of this is that even if guests do not feel ready to throw themselves in the deep end they can simply watch and learn more about their hobby.

With the disappearance of erotic themed trade shows such as Erotica and Sexpo it seems that the public are favouring more independent events that offer a friendly and more personal approach than the big consumer brands.  Erotica was blasted shortly before the company liquidated for their ‘too strict regulations’ that forbid topless performers. Also the recession created quite an impact and exhibitors complained about sky high prices to trade which meant less exhibitors and less entertainment and shopping opportunities for visitors.

Regardless, these large corporate brands are less favoured in London currently and there are an increasing number of people visiting independent fetish clubs, fairs, markets and events. I think this is great news personally as it great for small businesses and tourism. The problem is with many of the trade shows is that they try to please too many people when in fact it is having an interesting niche that is more likely to appeal to a crowd. Try to do too many things as a company and you run the risk of diluting your brand, which is exactly what has happened with some of these events.

Since the popularity of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and 50 Shades Of Grey fetish has becoming a growing trend and it’s bubble is set to expand further for the next couple of years at least. Now is the perfect time to take advantage and enrich your life with the crazy world of fetish. Whether you are a submissive, dominant or an absolute first timer, you will find something in London that suits you perfectly.

Club Subversion in London offers nights which are ideal for first timers. The night hosts a DJ, plus a dungeon space for couples to play. Imagine you enter and peruse the horizon. Sexy entwined bodies wrapped in all manner of kinky fabrics from PVC to rubber writhe around on all kinds of erotic bondage furniture.  Some dance around to the sexy rhythmic beat of the music. Many are smiling, staring in awe at a scene going on right before them or moaning with cries of exquisite agony. This is an open and friendly space where newcomers are welcomed wholeheartedly.

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Club night Savage Dreams offer a free glass of bubbly on arrival and always have resident dommes available so kinky Submissives can try out some of the kinks that they love to indulge in.  This is a night for experienced fetishists. Couples can even be assisted by the three strict but stunning in house dommes to explore their fantasies more deeply. Savage Dreams also have a couple of niche spin off nights called Pissoir – for Watersport’s enthusiasts and bi kink for bisexual players.

Whatever niche your fetish falls into, you will find everything at your finger tips on the internet these days. Submerge yourself into a world of kinky ecstasy and join those who have already found their beautiful path to kinktastic bliss.

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