Lady Verity Visits Mistress Kaz 18th – 20th April

I have just been speaking to my sexy girl friend Lady Verity from Swindon who I haven’t seen for a couple of years now. We decided it had been far too long since we had seen each other and arranged to have a catch up this month.  She will also be available for dom sessions, photography and duo’s with me for a few days 18th – 20th April.

I first met Verity back in 2006 when I lived in Hitchin. A photographer brought her to my house and we did a soft girl girl shoot and had such a giggle.  She loves animals as much as I do and as into health food so we really got on and made sure we kept in touch. Plus she was bloody sexy as hell – that’s reason enough!


Lady Verity

Lady Verity

When I was asked by a photographer to find another girl to shoot with me in the South Of France, I thought of my naughty bubbly friend Verity instantly! We had such a great time – shooting on the beach and posing for pretty art nude photo’s in the woods amongst the flower.  The only downside was that the photographer didn’t seem to realise that we needed feeding more than a tiny croissant till night time. Verity has always been one to speak her mind and insisted that this cruel photographer who had promised us food stopped starving us instantly! He hung his tail between his legs and shambled off to find us something a little more nutritious! The next dayI suggested that a break need not impede our work – why not stop for a drink and he could take some sneaky up-skirt shots for his site. He absolutely loved this idea – who wouldn’t!  We were soon sat outside the cafe sipping Cafe Au Lait and nibbling French delicacies whilst he took naughty pervy shots up our skirts the verity piped up “I don’t have any knickers on.” I laughed so hard my coffee shot out of my mouth to think we were outside this quaint little French cafe making pornography!

Then there was the time we did some enema scenes together.  The videographer was a really nice guy, but he’d get a bit grumpy when he was shooting and in the evening he would regale us with the same stories about model rockets and Northern Ireland  – which made us stare with glazed eyes and start to nod off. I sort of bit my tongue, smiled and nodded. Verity did not. She asked him to take us somewhere interesting for the day instead and we all had an amazing time exploring Ireland and visiting traditional pubs. I thought I like this girls style!

Lady Verity Visits Mistress KazAnother time we worked together at a stag party in a manor house for a group of rich boys once. She wore PVC and whipped them, then picked on the groom and smeared cream all over his face. I played Miss Nice on this occasional and was softly teasing them with my flogger! We put on a hell of a show using toys on each other whilst these naughty and clearly naive Toff boys gawped in wonder! By the end of the evening the boys were well away chasing each other round with our strap on cocks – it was an incredible evening of carnage and mayhem and the lads said they had never seen anything like it! I think we corrupted them a little!

My favourite time was in Swindon when Verity ordered two of her sissy sluts and her cock sucker to come round. Slut Lucy was dressed in a tight mini skirt and slut collar and slut Samantha wore a prim and proper blouse and a short skirt. Verity made Slut Lucy prowl around outside and wink at the lads playing football. Then we ordered the sluts to please our strap ons before making them suck each other off whilst I gave the cock sucker the full length or my rubber cock! We totally ruined those bitches, peed on them and then left them covered in cum and fully degraded!

Needless to say it is always madness when we meet up and I can’t wait!

Details Of The Tour:

Where: A clean and discrete Watford Apartment in Hertfordshire.

When: 18-20 April 10am – 10pm.

What: One to One domination, Domme Duo’s, Fetish & Photography

Who: Mistress Kaz and Lady Verity Of Swindon

Why: Because we will blow your minds and pull you into world that will help you realise your most kinkiest of fantasies!

Our tribute rates for the tour will be as follows:

Femdom Duo’s:

Half Hour £160

1 Hour  240 (Verity may offer extras at her discretion.)

Lady Verity Visits Mistress Kaz

Lady Verity Modelling

Photography – Modelling

£100 per hour for Intense Girl Girl. This includes modelling all styles through to soft girl girl  – but with the added bonus of dildo’s and double enders!

To book this incredible duo drop me a text in the first instance to book and arrange a call back!




Me as super villain Harley Quin

Me as super villain Harley Quin