Kink Up Your Christmas

Kinky Couples

If you are one half of a kinky couple you might be considering ways to kink up your Christmas. Many online shops stock kinky treats and gadgets but if you are looking for something a little different why not head to your local B&Q? You can find all manner of brightly coloured ropes, chains, restraints, hooks, dog collars and leads – just let your imagination fly! Whoever thought that the hardware store could be sexy?!

Back of lady wrapped like a present

Get Saucy

We tend not to worry as much about extra calories at Christmas, so it’s the perfect to time whip out the chocolate spread and convince your significant other to enjoy an indulgent as she snakes her tongue all over your chocolate drizzled body – be sure to return the favour or the only thing you’ll be stuffing this year is the Turkey!

Sexy Little Helpers

Who normally slaves over the present wrapping and making dinner? If it’s your other half offer to be her/his sexy assistant for the day. They must dress in sexy/naughty clothing of your choice and wait on you all day long. Throw in some sexual favours along the way to keep it fun! If they get a task wrong you can put them in the naughty chair for 20 minutes – naked! Of course this probably won’t work if you have Auntie Doris and Uncle Alfred round for Christmas, you don’t want to turn what little hair they have left blue! Be sure to put some time aside so you can enjoy each other when everyone has left.

Chestnuts Roasting By An Open Fire…..

I always love the idea of lying on a fur rug by the fire, sipping champagne, restraining and blindfolding your partner and then feeding them nibbles and drinks from your mouth. Of course this isn’t practical for everyone, but you could share a hot bath together and whilst you are in the tub feed each other wine – mouth to mouth and run ice cubes across each others bodies.  Or on the flip side, dress up warm with fake furs and slip outside to somewhere semi private. One partner could wear a vibrator a butt plug in their pants – whilst the other has a remote control!

Sexy Christmas Lady


If you have a houseful on Christmas day send each other kinky little texts throughout the day “I want to tie you to the bedpost later and lick you like a lollipop” or “Don’t fill up on too much Christmas pudding….I’m going to be your dessert later!” This is a saucy fun way to build anticipation and by the time everyone has left you will be practically jumping on each other!

Try to send each other at least one sexy present that you can share later on. Guys – red crotchless pants are never a good idea!

Get Festive & Flirty

Make some Christmas cocktails together such as Eggnog or Christmas Negroni – ask each other questions about the other and if they get the answer wrong you get to pick what they do to you next.

Bad Santa

How about a sexy Christmas role play? One of you is dressed as a kinky Santa or an elf and is caught breaking in and trying to steal all the presents. The robber is either given a punishment or made to satisfy the other party!

With all the hustle and bustle it’s easy to forget to make time for festive fetish fun but spending a little time being naughty is the best way to stay warm this Christmas!

Single All The Way

If you are a singleton do not fret about having no special person to share it with. Think of all the money you’ve saved on presents and treat yourself to something sexy, a hot movie and a bottle of Jack! You’ll be ho ho ho-ing till the New Year!