Interview With A Master

Rick is a dominant male and an Ex porn star with a penchant for spanking and gasmasks. Whilst his adult movie days are behind him, he still has a passion for kinky sex and dominating his parters. Masters can often be portrayed as abusive or reckless in the media, yet Rick is certainly evidence against this myth.  He is sensitive and caring towards his play partners and is aware that they are placing their trust in his hands. His play partners understand and trust him fully and are therefore putty in his hands when he is dominating them and practising extreme play. He mostly dominates in his private life these days, but also gets involved in cuckolding style scenario’s.

Read on to find more about what he gets up to in private and his thoughts on domination.

Hello Rick, I’m looking forward to finding out all the juicy details of  what being a Master involves. How long have you been a Dom and how did it begin?
I have been a dom for about ten years. It all began when I was dating a former fellow adult performer. At first our sex life was quite regular, but after a while she hinted that she would enjoy me slapping her in the face while having sex. At first I was not sure that was something I could do, being afraid I would hurt her. After trying it out and seeing her enjoy the pain I was convinced this was absolutely something I enjoyed! We then developed our BDSM fantasies to include everything from bondage to fisting and it was such a kick seeing her get satisfaction from the pain I inflicted.

So it sounds as if there was a lot of mutual decisions which makes for a dynamic D/S relationship sometimes. How important is trust for you in a D/S relationship
Trust is everything! If either part can’t trust the other it would not be possible to enjoy a D/S relationship. First, to be able to tell your partner your inner fantasies without being laughed at or be perceived as a weirdo takes trust. Secondly, to perform the most painful acts takes complete trust since you have to be aware of when enough is enough.


Master In A GasmaskI noticed gas masks feature on your twitter. What arouses you about wearing gasmasks and why?
Wearing a gasmask is such an arousing feeling for me and my then partner. She would fantasise about being taken and used by an anonymous man. For me, first wearing a complete uniform with a gasmask, increases my already strong masculinity. After a while I’ll get out of the uniform but keep the gasmask on, and when having sex the mask forces me to breathe heavier increasing the sexual experience. My ex-girlfriend also found the sound of my heavy breathing behind the mask extremely arousing.


Oooh sort of like a sexy Darth Vader! That sounds seriously hot.  Do you visit fetish clubs and what goes on there? Do you get involved with playtime?
I don’t visit any clubs. It is rare finding such clubs where I live, but I’m not sure I would try one since building trust between partners takes time. Playtime is something I love! A girlfriend enjoyed dressing as a kitten, wearing ears, collar and a butt plug tail. I would come home from work and she would meet me in the hallway on all fours, rubbing her head against my legs and dick. I would give her milk which she drank from a bowl on the floor while I patted her head. This scenario would traditionally end with her giving me a blowjob while I was wearing my suit.
Sometimes, my ex would play the bad kitten, ignoring me when I got home. This behaviour required punishment in form of quite hard spanking her butt with my belt, forced deep throating, anal sex and DP (dick in pussy and finger in butt). When punishment was over we would cuddle, me having her sit in my lap, for a long time.

Aw you are making me wish I had a little kitty to play with too! Do you just dominate women or guys too?

I’m straight so I don’t interact with men, however I have been cuckolding males submissives for some times. I have sex with their girlfriend/wives in front of them, whilst calling the subs names, writing wimp on their faces, and having them lick their girls pussy clean from cum etc. It is not every day you find a cuckold couple, but next Thursday I’m hooking up with a young couple in London.

Girl carrying spanking paddle in mouth

You lucky boy! I hope the cuckold thanks you like a good boy. So, You have been known to shoot a lot of very naughty films! Do you still shoot adult movies?

I have not shot a film since 1990. The films I was in was really regular adult films, nothing really kinky. I would not mind doing a comeback though, perhaps playing someone’s kinky Sugar Daddy!

Love the sound of that! What’s the most important thing for a Dominant partner to remember?
Love, caring and affection! Always be sensitive to your partners needs. Even if sex is rough sometimes, it is always your purpose to please your sub, never cross boundaries she is not comfortable with. Pain must be administrated with love.

Have you ever switched and been sub?
No, I am to dominant for that.

What is your ultimate fantasy?
My ultimate fantasy would be to build a real dungeon where me and a partner could indulge in endless pleasure. But as I’m single at the moment, this would have to wait.

I bet you wouldn’t be short of takers! Is there anything that is strictly off limits for you? 
I would never do anything that actually could hurt someone, or draw blood or anything involving scat. Dipers is not something I find very arousing.

Has anything ever gone wrong in a play session and if so what?
No, I’m lucky in that way.

Bondage back tie

What’s the most popular fetish amongst the women you dominate?
Most popular among the women I have dated so far is being tied up, being helpless and fucked really hard. One sub had a cock fetish and wanted to suck me every morning and after work. Spanking with my belt is also very popular.


Anything else you would like to add?
BDSM is a lifestyle I am happy to have found. I wish my next partner would enjoy uniform sex, which is something I personally enjoy very much.