Interview With A Strap On Fetishist

Meet Danny. A young chap who enjoys online D/S relationships with dominant Transexual women. What’s quite astonishing about Danny is that he only 21, a tender age to develop a taste for fetish and indeed be ‘owned’, though Danny expresses himself verbally with a maturity far beyond his years. He is also in a vanilla relationship but craves the feeling of receiving anal play and being dominated. For him, online relationships is a way he feels he can express himself and enjoy his fetish without cheating on his partner. Read on find out more about the world of online domination.

Hi Danny, wow 21 is quite a young age to have discovered the world of fetish. What was your very first taste of fetish and what happened?

21 is a young age haha! Well I think I learnt about it the way the majority of people do. Especially men. I learnt through porn! I started watching at an early age. I’ll never forget. I stumbled upon a video of a man tied to the bed being pegged by a woman and something just clicked in me! From then on I’ve been hooked. I am more dominant in the bedroom in my relationship, not in the BDSM sense but in the sense that I tend you decide what position and the intensity of it etc. So pegging for me is a total role reversal and there’s definitely something naughty about it. Like it shouldn’t happen. Like a taboo!

StrapOn Anime

Well variety is the spice of life! You mentioned that you are ‘owned’ by trans women on twitter – what does this involve and how far do you go with it? Are you subject to their mercy? What sort of demands might be made of you.

Yeh I recently began talking to a trans woman online. I found out she was a dom and we really hit off. It’s mostly just dirty talk and picture sharing. She tells me what to do whilst masturbating and I send her pictures to prove it! I’ll do anything she says! She understands my limits, my likes and dislikes and so on so we never have a problem.

Do you think there are a lot of fetishist pursuing internet BDSM relationships now? Why is this preferable to real time relationships? Is it easy or do you find it doesn’t affect your personal life?

I think it’s a logical step. I was interested in it from pornography but unfortunately I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it to anyone I know because of the stigma surrounding it, so I reached out to someone via the internet. I’d love to have a stable relationship in which we found these types of activities enjoyable for both of us. It’s easier but there’s a level of trust involved as I send her pictures to prove I’ve done certain things etc. I’d much prefer it involved in a real relationship though!

How are trans different to female dommes? Do they treat you differently?

I think it’s just an added taboo for me. I love anal play, I love pegging so why wouldn’t I love a real penis!? It makes it more real. Plus if you’re into forced bi it’s a lot more realistic for you! They don’t treat me differently, every dom is different but as far as differences between female and trans dommes, there isn’t any apart from they understand your body more and what feels good and what doesn’t!?

What is your ultimate fantasy?

My ultimate fantasy is to be in a stable real life relationship where pegging is involved and the sex life is kinky and refreshing! I feel a lot of relationships fall into a rut of ‘normal’ sex which for a lot of people can become mundane, so why not try new things. Why not reverse the roles and have the woman strap on a dildo and make love. It’s one of the most vulnerable things a man can do and I believe most couples would love it if they tried!

I can understand that. Any sexual relationship vanilla or kinky has to be better with someone who knows you inside and out! Would you ever meet a transexual and carry out your fantasies in person though?

I would love to, but with me being so young I believe there’s lots of time for that and I am currently in a real life relationship, with someone I love and I can’t just say to her I want to go and meet a trans! There’s lots of time for that so right now it may just have to stay as a fantasy!

So this way you get the best of both worlds presumably without risking your relationship. Do you think everyone should try strap on sex at least once and why?

EVERYONE should! I think men are afraid it’s going to make them gay or it means that because they like anal play that it’s humiliating. It can be humiliating if that’s what you are into, but it can also be a loving act. As I mentioned I believe it’s the most vulnerable thing a man can do and it’s a very freeing act! Many men like anal play. Many men write off anal play without even trying it because they believe it’s just for gay people. That’s ridiculous, all men have prostates, if someone rubs against it, it feels great whether you’re gay or not! You can ejaculate just by playing with your prostate without touching the penis, why wouldn’t someone want to try that!?

Jessica Rabbit Wearing Strap On

Funny you should say that Danny. I have had subs ask me if taking a strap on makes them gay. I always say – ‘no fancying men makes you gay! So tell me, what sort of games do you play with your Mistresses?

As it’s an online relationship we send each other pictures. If she tells me to put some on knickers and play with my sex toys then that’s what I’ll do! Anything she says, I’ll do and we exchange pictures. She knows what I like and what I don’t like and I know what she does and doesn’t like so it’s all good!

Oooh I can’t what you might send each other. I bet it’s very kinky though! Tell us a naughty fact about yourself? Something we don’t know already.

My mistress did make me go to work with my anal beads in once, it was very difficult to concentrate!

I bet those spreadsheets took a while! What’s better? Vanilla sex or kinky sex?

You’d expect me to say kinky but I think vanilla sex is better. Yes, the kinky sex is fun and exciting and it’s something different. It adds a bit of spice to the relationship. I think vanilla is better purely because no matter what you are into, no matter how kinky your sex life gets, there is nothing better than being with the person you love and making love. Slow, relaxing sex and reaching orgasm at the same time whilst you look into each others eyes is just perfect for me. Anyone can throw a strap on round them and use it on you, you can pay people to do it! It takes real feelings and real emotion to make love to someone.