Interview With A Cross Dresser

I am starting up a series of interviews with fetishists and kinksters to find out more about the personal and private side of kink. Hopefully within these interviews there will be some questions answered that many other fetishists are wondering about. I do hope you find my interviewees as interesting as I do.

Today I spoke to Natalie, a bisexual gentleman that adores the feeling of dressing in women’s clothing and becomes sexually aroused by it.

Natalie’s fetish began 18 years ago and he admits that he wasn’t at all comfortable with it. He was absolutely terrified of getting caught and would immediately take the clothes off after he had relieved himself.

Similar to other Sissies and cross dressers, Natalie feels excited when he dresses and he feels it changes his demeanour. His posture and the way he moves and walks completely alters. He is simply fascinated by the way his back arches and his hips wiggle when he slips into something feminine and strides proudly around the room.

Sexy Corset

Cross dressing is not a lifestyle choice for Natalie, but more of a sexual kink, though he confesses that if he had been more comfortable with it when he was younger that it probably would be a lifestyle choice now.

I wondered if Natalie found females or males to be more comfortable with his cross dressing fetish and he revealed that he actually finds that it is other guys who have less of a problem with it.  He has discovered that women in general find it a lot harder to come to terms with his cross dressing and he finds it hard to share this side of his private life with others and admits that only a few very close friends are aware of his secret. He explains that having kept his fetish a secret he has never had a bad reaction and he is careful about whom he confides in.

I asked Natalie if he had ever been brave enough to have ever worn women’s clothing in public. He revealed that the temptation was too much to resist and had worn women’s clothes in public, but only undergarments that would remain secret from prying eyes.

Natalie does get the urge to dress a lot but does not often have the opportunity to do so as it is difficult for him to find private time to indulge his fetish. He comes across as a very sensitive and intelligent individual and I wonder if he regrets not being able to open up more about this fetish to others, although he seems content enough. When posed with the question – what message would you give to others in your situation Natalie said:

“Have the courage that I don’t to be who you want to be and dress like you want. Don’t worry about what others think.”

His message is to be comfortable with who you are and perhaps that is a lot easier today for those discovering their inner fetishes. The world has changed a great deal and having a fetish is very common place. Also Natalie tells me that people in Canada are probably not as open to kink as the British. It looks as if our prudish stiff upper lip image is finally being challenged!

I would like to thank Natalie for taking part in this interview. It must have taken a great deal of courage for him to open up to me like that and reveal things that he has kept secret for so long. Well, his secret is safe with me and I admire his strength. I hope his story is of interest to other cross dressers. If you have any thoughts you would like to share with me and the readers of UK_Fetish please leave a comment below.

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