How To Douche For Your Mistress

Douching is always good practise if you intend to partake in any form of anal play. It avoids embarrassing moments and if you are well douched it will ensure that your Mistress doesn’t run from the room screaming should you leak something less than enticing from your rear end.

I have had various experiences with slaves that have not possessed a good standard of hygiene and let me tell you – it is not much fun! One slave once pooed himself seconds after I slid the strap on in. Another slave managed to fire some anal debris onto a hotel wall. On neither occasion was I impressed and the temptation to make them clean it up with their tongues was overwhelming.

So if you wish to keep on your Mistresses good side, this is how you do it and the only recipe you will need to keep your bottom as clean as a whistle.

Firstly you need to purchase a douche. You can find these in every sex store as well as on sites such as Ebay and Amazon and you can pick them up for as little as £5.

Then you need to put sometime aside to prepare. You will need:

Anal Douche






1 Douche
Access to warm water
Some lubricant
A Toilet.


Fill the douche with warm water.

Cold water will cause cramps. Hot water can burn you – so get the temperature right and spray a little onto the back of your hand from the tube to test it.
Positions For Douching

Now you want to slide some lube onto the tip and insert it into you bottom. I suggest you are naked on the lower half for this, otherwise you may trip with your trousers around your ankles and have an accident. If you are a sissy the same goes for heels. Pop them off to avoid it all going horribly wrong!

When the tube is in, squirt the water into your bottom until the douche is empty and carefully pull the tube out. The water will stay in and you don’t need to give your bottom extra clenching.

Massage your tummy, walk around the bathroom if you care to, just ensure the warm water is moving around inside you. After a couple of minutes sit back onto the toilet and evacuate all that water and the debris that follows it.

Now, you will want to repeat this at least 3 or 4 times to ensure you are squeaky clean. You’ll want a nice hot shower afterwards.

When To Douche

Ideally you should douche 30 minutes to 1 hour before the session. Do not eat anything now until after you have enjoyed your anal play or strap on session. This ruins all your hard work so resist being a little piggy and don’t let anything other than a big dildo pass your lips!

How Often Can I Douche?

You can douche every time you indulge in strapon fun. If this happens to be everyday you can take a probiotic supplement or eat live natural yoghurt to ensure you don’t flush away all your healthy gut bacteria.

Is It Good For You To Douche?

If you have an odd day of constipation douching can be helpful, although you should not rely on this if you have a long time problem. You should address your diet and ensure you consume plenty of fibre and vegetables.

You can also make up a douche with slightly cooled (but not cold) green tea which is believed to have anti-cancerous properties. It is also a known thermogenic so may speed up your metabolism as well as giving you a lovely cleansed feeling and extra energy.

What Should I Not Put In My Bottom?

Anal Toys


You should not insert anything large without practising with smaller items first. You should not insert any food produce, anything that does not have a base and could get stuck or anything sugary. These are all very bad for your back entrance. Sugar breeds bacteria and may even lead to a yeast infection which will be irritating and difficult to shift.


Oh No I’ve Ran Out Of Lube! What To Do!

Olive Oil

A simple oil such as baby oil or vegetable oil will act as a temporary replacement. Always ensure not to cross contaminate and make sure you handle products in a hygienic manner. Ie if you are using vegetable oil from the kitchen, pour a little into a cup and take the cup into the bathroom with you, don’t take the bottle in with you then put it back in the cupboard. The bathroom harbours an absolute minefield of bacteria! Also thoroughly scrub your hands afterwards.

Great! Now you are all clean, fresh and ready for anal fun Slave! Enjoy!