How Filmed Sessions and Events Work





As some of you may know, I often offer slaves the opportunity of having our one to one session filmed. The agreement is that they are permitted a mask or disguise, so I can use the footage on my clip sites such as IWantClips or Clips4sale, and they get to have a copy for their own personal enjoyment. If it’s a one to one session, I sometimes offer a £20 discount, depending on how much content I had at the time.

Every now and then, I organise a big shoot with multiple slaves, and sometimes multiple dommes. Aside from the content being useful, I find these an incredible amount of fun! Don’t get me wrong, the planning and preparation is time-consuming and they are very long and intense days, but I always enjoy them and find that there are plenty of belly laughs and giggles! It’s also a way of connecting with my slaves as we spend more time together and everyone relaxes and gets to know each other more. I usually offer these big sessions at a slightly discounted price. This is to give different slaves who are not as well off, a chance to session with a Mistress. The low price also reflects that some of the time they may be waiting around on a bigger shoot, while the camera person sets up the shot.

My regulars appreciate the amount of time and effort I put into planning shoots, and it’s nice for them to have a little memento of our time together. Not all of them are able to visit me in person on a weekly basis and many of my slaves say that watching my videos helps tide them over to the next visit! If they have a scene of mine in which they are taking part with me, they say that’s even better!

Of course, whilst most of my slaves appreciate this opportunity as much as I do, it seems not everyone appreciates the sheer amount of work it takes for me to organise these events. I’ve had one slave who begged me for about a year to include them in a shoot. The photographs the slave sent me were good and they seemed open to trying various scenes.

Yesterday, I offered them a role in some filming I am planning with another Mistress. This means they would have gotten, not just one, but two Mistresses, a dungeon to play in and a chance to enact their favourite fetishes. Everything was going well, then the slaves asked me if I would pay them! I was very disappointed at their attitude and the fact that they expected to be paid for taking part in a scene.  For one the dungeon and my travelling and other expenses obviously cost me a significant amount of money, and secondly, they are getting my time and the other Mistresses time, but expect to be paid. It felt as if they did not appreciate what was being offered.

Additionally, to this, BDSM should always be consensual and I like to know that my slaves are taking part because they enjoy the playtime. If money was a factor, then it could be suggested that they were doing it for the money.  For me, this becomes worrying when we are entering more extreme play such as caning or forced bi as the lines of consent may become slightly blurred if they were being paid to take an extreme whipping or similar.

Regardless, for my filmed London event slaves are offered a dungeon, two Mistresses and a copy of the content for their personal use for £150. When you consider that many dommes in London charge between £200-£300 for an hour, with no memento of the session, I think we can agree that this is a very good deal.

Needless to say, I won’t be using the slave that asked to be paid.

I’m very much looking forward to the forthcoming events, with my fellow dommes and my loyal slaves. I will be posting more details about upcoming events soon.

Stay Kinky!


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