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Do you find the mainstream news more than a little tedious? You are looking in the wrong places – head over to Hogspy.  It is an excellent site to find fetish news from around the world. They post interviews and write well written articles on Mistresses, up and coming events, Mistresses looking for filming slaves and a whole lot more! You can learn about different Mistresses and read about their services as well as fascinating accounts of their lifestyles. Hogspy’s approach is always non judgemental, non bias and focuses on points of interest that will have you absolutely enthralled.

The site is also handy for Mistresses who seek a little extra exposure. If you are a Domme then you can also opt to advertise your services for an additional fee, so the site is a very useful resource for Mistresses and Submissives alike. Head over and have a peek right now! Hogspy

Mistress Kaz

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