Forced-Bi All You CockSuckers Listen Up – Nosh

ONE OFF EVENT – DON”T MISS OUT! NOSH at The Sluttery in Watford 30th November.

My bi subs have been begging me for months to organise an event for them so they can’t get their jollies off learning how to be perfect little sissy whores. It’s often a nightmare trying to pair you up – there’s more drama involved then in the entire works of Shakespeare! So I have organised a one day event NOSH , to get some of my most worthy cock suckers together and train them on how to become absolute champions in the art of noshing off! There may be strap ons involved, perhaps some panty wearing but there will definitely be bi play so you naughty sluts can learn a thing or two.

The date for this is 30th November and there is a special discounted price to attended which is £100 for an hour. Put this date in your diary now, clear it, or do whatever you can to get here under your Mistresses command!

Forced-Bi All You CockSuckers Listen Up - Nosh

From December I will be extremely busy with some behind the scenes projects that require a lot of my attention and therefore this event will not be repeated anytime soon. So if you miss out on this, you may not get another chance to do this – at least with me as your guide, mentor and all commanding Mistress.

If this is a fantasy but you have no intention of carrying it out then please do not waste my time. If you just want to talk about about a sissy whore you can book a phone chat or a webcam show with me here:Mistress Kaz Adult Work Webcam  and I will put your through your paces and have you sucking vegetables, toys….perhaps even the remote control if that’s all that you can find!

Back to serious cocksuckers – your presence at NOSH is required. You will attend on 30th November and train under my wing.

Listen, absorb and obey and your wildest dreams will become a reality.

All you need to do is to organise a time slot with me at The Sluttery in Watford, make me aware of your likes and limits and maximum number you are happy to interact with and arrive at your designated appointment on time. The rest will be plain sailing with me as your maestro! Bookings will most likely be limited to parties or 2 or 3 per session and masks and blindfolds are permitted.