Foot Fetish

It’s funny isn’t how much of society view various fetishes differently? For some a strap-on fetish or cross dressing may be weird and for others those are fine by the concept of having a foot fetish may be odd.  I say as long as it’s consensual and between two adults what should it matter!

It’s funny to make though how foot fetishists must be able to enjoy their fetish so readily. For example summer time on the underground must be exciting for them. Everyone looks at the gland anyway so nobody would find anything odd about them staring at somebody’s feet. With all those bare feet on shoe and pained nails in pretty sandals they must really be in Heaven!

For some though merely be a voyeur is not enough. Many fetishists enjoy sniffing and licking the foot…slightly harder to get around that one! I think it might go a little bit like this…”Hello Madam I couldn’t help noticing your pretty toes, do you think I could just get a quick whiff of your foot? “Piss off you perv!”

Fetishists who feel that they can’t ask their girlfriends or wives for such a thing often seek such services from a dominatrix who is happy to oblige their need to sniff and lick feet and if the fetishist seeks humiliation even better! They are not engaging in sex so the Sub is not cheating on his other half as far as he is concerned, but he gets release for his fetish. Meanwhile the domme enjoys having her feet pampered and playing power exchange games.

There is a growing presence of those who enjoy being humiliated and abused with a woman’s feet. Mistress Sin and myself were visited recently by a Sub who enjoys being pinned down and having our little tootsies rubbed all over his face whilst being verbally abused. He loves mouth rape where we insert our feet into his mouth and force him to lick the soles whilst the other rubs her foot all over his face.

Years ago I had a Sub that used to enjoy sitting under my desk whilst I worked on my laptop and rest my feet on his face. Now and again I would trample his face a little and rub my toes over his mouth and he was in a state of bliss.

My feet are a big pleasure zone for me and I love to have them rubbed and licked so for me this really is as easy as it gets! Fantabulous!

A sexy anime character shows off her feet

Another Slave of mine really enjoys sniffing stinky feet! I’m told my feet don’t get very sweaty so in preparation for my sessions with him I wrap my feet in clingfilm, pop on a pair of big fluffy socks then run around for 20 minutes. By the time he arrives to unwrap my feet they are nicely sweaty for him and he just loves to sniff them and clean them with his tongue. Then I have the luxury of a nice hot bubble bath afterwards.

Do you have a naughty foot fetish and do you enjoy peeking at ladies feet when you are out and about? have you ever been caught? How did you get away with it? Share you stories and comments with me below!

Love and twinkly tootsies

Princess Kaz x

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