Foot Fetish – Fetish Of The Day ‘F’

A few of my experiences with Foot fetish Subs…..

A Mistress just loves to look down at her Sub with amusement whilst he plants gentle little kisses over her boots and feet. Even better when he uses his kinky tongue all over the toes, sucking on them gently.

There are many kinds of foot fetishist I have encountered. Some love  just to sniff and lick the feet all over. One Sub that visited me came to me for an hour booking.  He snuffled at my feet like a greedy puppy for ten minutes then started to lick them. As his tongue met with the soles of my feet he suddenly spunked his little pants. I told him he was very welcome to stay for his remaining 45 minutes, but he said he had thoroughly enjoyed himself and needed to go home and nap now!

Give It Some Sole

Some foot fetishists enjoy being trampled on. I also used to have a Slave when I lived in Birmingham many years ago who would come every week to lie under my desk whilst I typed. I would be dressed as a sexy Secretary and use his face as a foot rest for the whole time…occasionally grinding my shoe into his face and giving him a soft little kick.  He loved it when I placed the soles of my feet across his face, covering it from chin to forehead. At the end he would have a little rummage in his pants and then be on his merry way. He used to love me wearing court shoes for him and occasionally I would send him photo’s of any new shoes I had which really got him going!


Hot Stuff

Another Sub of mine from Birmingham used to like a little humiliation in a foot fetish session.  I would dream up different ways to humiliate him, including licking my grubby feet clean, and sometimes licking mustard or Tabasco sauce from them. I would spray whipped cream on his face too and then rub it all round his face with my feet whilst telling him what a dirty boy he was! I think this was his personal favourite!

As a Mistress I just love to have my feet rubbed and tended to. I could really have Subs do it to me all day long! Subs make such good little foot rests to – a perfect way to warm the tootsies!

Book your session to come and worship my feet soon, I’ll be waiting for you with my little size 3’s!

Your Berkshire Mistress – Princess Kaz xxx

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

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