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Your Financial Domme Princess Kaz brings you – Financial Domination

What is Financial Domination?

Financial Domination is when a Sub is thrilled by a dominant female dominating him financially. This can be as mild as agreeing a small weekly transaction that he must pay her or sending her gifts of appreciation. On the flip side if the Sub is looking for a more extreme version of domination then he may agree to a blackmail scenario or agree to send the Mistress payments or gifts whenever she demands. Of course the latter tends to require slightly bigger purse strings, so generally there is some form of informal contract involved with a set budget with an overflow budget up to a certain amount. This allows the Sub to enjoy his fetish for having his finances controlled by a superior or more dominant woman without being taken to the cleaners. In fact often, she will assist in his budgeting and advise on where he can cut back.

Why Do Subs Find FinDom Appealing

Many Subs worship their Mistresses and pleasing them thrills them to the very core. Sending lavish gifts or small donations is a token of their adoration. For others it is the thrill or being used and abused for money. For them the humiliation of having your money take by a strong woman is exciting. Also rich high powered businessman can feel this is a release from stress and enjoy treating a Mistress as an escape from their work pressures and mundane lives. It is an escape into a world of fantasy.

Financial Domination allows Subs to become free of financial decisions

Sissy BlackMail In A Transit

Many years ago I had a Sissy who was massively into blackmail fantasy.  He wanted to meet me round the corner from his house and give me photo’s of him dressed as a woman and performing oral sex on a man. In exchange he would give me a wad of cash and his wife and bosses phone numbers. The agreement was that he had to webcam with me every week or I would call his wife and Boss. I had a red van at the time which looked a bit like a postman pat van, minus Jess The Cat! My driver popped into the back of the van and my Sissy jumped into the passenger seat. At one point my driver made some noise in the back and my Sissy said “Oh my god you have guys in the back to gang rape me if I don’t comply don’t you?” (This was a big fantasy of his). I winked at him slowly and said “I’m sure we won’t have any problems if our business arrangement proceeds as planned my sweetie.” He looked like he was about to come in his pants as I said that and his eyes lit up with excitement and fear! After that he regularly webcammed with me every week until we sort of lost touch. I never did call his wife and I doubt she even knows about his secret fetish today. I think for some guys the fantasy of being caught out and humiliated is very exciting, although of course they don’t want this to actually happen! You could consider this as playing with fire, but a good Domme knows which buttons to press, when to push, when to pull and when to cease action. I always give my an opt out (and of course they have to pay a cancellation fee if choosing this option, it’s all in the contract). All they have to do is send me the word bananas by text or e-mail along with their cancellation fee and I will make the agreement obsolete.

Not all Subs have such a huge budget. I had one who didn’t have quite as much money to spare so he would send me small gifts such as stockings, bottles of wine and anything else that was useful at the time. It is always a joy opening a parcel great or small and some Subs find that they are useless with finances so they benefit from me suggesting how to cut corners in other aspects of their finances. I might suggest preparing healthy meals at home instead of eating out and send them recipes, advise them to take sandwiches into work or even looking at coupon sites when making online purchases as you can often get money off. I teach them to be less frivolous in other areas of their lives and they often find this very beneficial over time and are less caught up in a cycle of spontaneous consumption and waste. Plus they are totally getting their rocks off and I get to have pretty new thongs and suspenders! 😉 Everyone is a winner! Unless you believe the types of dommes who say all pay pigs are losers. How can you possibly lose when you have a Domme to make your life exciting!

Your Financial Domme Princess Kaz xxx

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  1. David Penn - 18th March 2016 at 11:47 AM -

    Hello Kaz B I live in Watford I currently am in the sick with mental health problems I have a interest in financial domination most financial dommes only want people in work.Could you accept me with a lower monthly tribute?.