Fetish Mistress Presents Imprisonment Fantasy

Your Fetish Mistress explores the fantasy of being held captive in today’s blog.

The fetish for being held captive or imprisoned is simply a more extreme version of domination and submitting to an authoritative Mistress.

Bound To Be Fun

Submissives who enjoy being restrained in a bondage session enjoy being made to feel vulnerable and to feel as if they have no choice over the scenario. By engaging in role play and pretending to be forced into more extreme play relieves them all of responsibility.  Where they might normally feel a little awkward when partaking in extreme activities, being ‘forced’ lifts away the pressure and allows them to enjoy activities that may be deemed a little unusual as the power has been handed over to another.

A Natural High?

Captivity or imprisonment merely takes this to another level.  The fantasy is to be kept chained or locked up with no escape. So the Sub must tolerate the various kinks and punishments being carried out because they simply have no choice and all responsibility is diminished. The anticipation, fear and pain creates a rush of endorphins and gives them a high. Sound bizarre? Think of how many people are adrenaline junkies and enjoy jumping out of airplanes or bungee jumping! People get their kicks and express themselves sexually in all kinds of different ways.

Hostage In A Tutu

I once had a Sub in Surrey who wanted to be my hostage for a day. I kept him chained up in the outhouse wearing nothing but a dog collar and a tutu. (Fortunately for him it was a very warm day!) I would check on him every hour to feed him water from a dog bowl and walk him around the garden on a leash. If he did not keep to my heel and carry out his tasks to a satisfactory level he would be punished. Perhaps with a good paddling or being made to sit silently with his face on the floor.

Ultimate Control

Some Subs simply delight in their Mistress pushing their boundaries and keeping them imprisoned for short periods. Often humiliation is used where a Sub is degraded, trained to keep his eyes on the floor at all times and be eventually stripped of all power and personality. Chastity can also play an important role in this whereby the Sub is locked into chastity and his orgasm delayed, controlled or completely denied.  The intensity and frustration coupled with punishment can make this very exciting play for those into this fetish.

A Little Camp

There are even specialist camps in Europe where Submissives can experience more extreme levels of domination and captivity. They are kept naked in a small concrete cell and are subjected to various levels of humiliation and punishment. This can go on days with more extreme punishments over time.

When the Sub is stripped away of all choices and freedom, it breaks down the ego and he will become more Submissive towards his Mistress. She will feed him at her whim and control his every move until she becomes his world. Often those who are attracted to only women will find that carrying out his Mistresses whims, whilst enjoyable, is not degrading enough as he finds his Mistress attractive and wishes to please her. Therefore a desire for ‘forced bi’ in other words to be made to interact with males by his Mistress is not unusual. This is more humiliating and therein more of a thrill for the Slave.

If you don’t have a concrete cell in which to play, you can experiment with more imaginative games. Clingfilm is very handy to quickly wrap and mummify a sub and is easy to release him from afterwards.  If you cling film round the arms and legs your Sub will not be able to move. Avoid cling filming the face as you may end up suffocating the poor fellow!

Health and Safety

A few things to consider when entering extreme play. When restraining a Sub in a manner in which they can’t escape I would advise against leaving the premises. If a fire broke out the Sub would be at great risk.

Check that your Sub is able to breathe and do not leave bags over their heads for extended periods. Suffocation can be a risk.

Always make sure you have keys/scissors nearby in case of emergency.


Requests for punishments such as branding with hot irons and mutilation are more common than you may expect. No one can legally give you consent to harm them. Whilst a consensual spanking and caning do not tend to bring problems, bare in mind if you cause serious harm to another it is your responsibility and you can be both prosecuted. Remember the case where 3 gay guys in Brighton consented to nailing each others genitals to planks of wood? All of them were prosecuted. Always use common sense and avoid entering into practises that can cause serious damage to another.

Some Like It Hot!

One Sub asked me if I would squeeze his penis between my hair straighteners.  Rather than simply refuse, I took the time to explain the damage that would be caused by this blistering heat permanent damage, first degree burns and most likely the loss of his penis.  I was concerned that he may ask someone else with less common sense if I did not explain to him why this was a terrible idea. He was shocked and said he didn’t realise that hair straighteners would be so hot and thought it would just be a little hot! Needless to say we used deep heat spray instead! Don’t let someones ignorance be your fall down. Always be the mentor, the leader, and guide your Slaves correctly. It is the responsibility of any good Mistress or Master!

With all that in mind – have fun experimenting!

Your Fetish Mistress  – Princess Kaz x

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