Feminisation – Fetish Of The Day ‘F’

Feminisation or Cross Dressing.

This fetish refers to males who enjoy being feminised or dressed in feminine clothing. This is not quite the same as a Transvestite. Often Transvestites wear women’s clothing as they feel more comfortable dressed as a woman and it reinforces their sense of identity.

May The Force Be With You

Feminisation in terms of fetish however, refers to a male who dresses in women’s clothes as a sexual kick as it arouses them. Some like to be ‘forced’ to do this by a partner or Mistress. This can be partly due to the fact that it removes all the responsibility from them and validates their kink, effectively ‘approving it’ as someone else is encouraging the fetish. Another reason for this can be that they ‘get off’ on being degraded and being told they have to look or act like a women or ‘slut’. This can all be part of Sissy Slut Training –  training your slave to be a total slutty little Sissy boy!

I have many Subs that have this fetish. Some are very comfortable with their fetish and will quite happily throw on a pair of stockings and frilly knickers under their jeans and head off to the supermarket to do their weekly shop. It must make buying detergent a tad more interesting to say the least!

Unleash Your Inner Sissy Slut!

Others may feel more sordid about it. They will dress at mine, excited but very sheepish and will want to take the clothes off the minute they give themselves a ‘happy ending!’ Years ago I used to have a Sub that came for a ‘one off’ cross dressing visit. Every week after the session he said it would be the last time and that he needed to be normal now. After a couple of months he’d finish with  – ‘So see you next week yeah?!’  Finally he had accepted his fetish and seemed a lot happier and more experimental over time! Awww I do miss some of my Birmingham Sissies and Slaves!


Ditzy Dolls & Uber Sluts

All my subs have different tastes too. Some want to look girly and innocent and wear pink lipstick and big panties with a frilly skirt. They expect me to be gentle with them as if they are useless girls who need to be treated like china. Then there are the ones that want to look slutty and wear fishnets, red lipstick, high heels and prance around like a Victoria Secrets Model. Of course I have a wardrobe full of things for every occasion, so feminising them just the way they would like is never an issue.

Feds & Fishnets

I have one Sub who is not so comfortable with feminisation. One day he was feeling wild and went for a drive in fishnet tights and a mini dress to visit a girlfriend who enjoyed his kink. He must have looked a little shifty as he got pulled over after a while by the police! He pulled his long coat around him and nearly died when the police asked him to pull down his window. Fortunately for him, they were just telling him he’d left a light on and didn’t ask him to step out of the car. Can you imagine? I would have wet myself laughing if I’d been there!

A Sticky Situation!

I had another Sub visit me who insisted he wanted false nails glued on. I drilled it into his head that he would be stuck with them for a good couple of days at least, but he was insistent that this wouldn’t be a problem. So I spent the best part of 20 minutes glueing on black and pink sparkly nails. They looked pretty awesome to be fair and we had a really fun session turning him into my slut. The only thing is, after he’d got himself all excited down there and got his little knickers wet, he freaked out and spent half an hour in the bathroom cutting and filing at the nails. In the end he drove me to a supermarket and I got nail polish remover so we could melt the falsies off. I always keep some remover handy now and I bet he does too! 😉

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