Face Sitting – Fetish Of The Day ‘F’

Your Reading Mistress explores Face Sitting as your Fetish Of The Day!

Face sitting –  isn’t that the same as cunnilingus?

No not at all. If a you has a face sitting fetish it means he is aroused by a woman sitting on his face. This has more to do with power exchange and submission. He wants to feel dominated by the woman and feel the weight of her pressing down on him, leaving him the helpless victim!

Face sitting fanatics often enjoy the woman sitting on their faces dressed, in just panties, or with the bottom half bare. Many also enjoy the woman or Mistress to sit in different positions including ‘school girl pins’ and wrestling locks with the legs locked around his neck.


Cameron’s government recently banned this act from being streamed or being made downloadable on the internet as they deemed it ‘unsafe’ and likely to ’cause harm’. As far as I am aware no one has ever died from this kinky little game and many pro-porn supporters are campaigning against this ‘sexist’ law stating that it is anti-feminist. And quite rightly so! If face f**cking is allowed (the act of a man penetrating a woman’s face violently, then why is Face Sitting, which is a far more sedentary act, any more dangerous?! (See photo of porn protestors demonstrating Face Sitting outside parliament).

Face Sitting

Deadly Females 

Before this law came about I used to do shoots for various production companies that did this style of shoot. One was called ‘Deadly Females’ which was about Face Sitting but always had a comedic storyline! On one shoot I posed as an animal rights activist who was angry at a man who used mole traps in his garden. It was very easy to get into such a role play, and the ridiculous banter coming back from the chap almost made it hard to keep a straight face. As part of the scene, I made him my victim  to ‘teach him a lesson’ for his treatment of animals and for his his (very entertaining) back chat. We did the sitting in many positions with a lot of verbal and I think it’s a shame to see entertaining (and highly erotic for many) scenes disappear from the internet.

What are your thoughts on Face Sitting? Do you consider it dangerous in anyway? Or do you see it is a little bit of kinky fun between consenting adults. I would love to hear your opinions either way!

Your Berkshire Mistress – Princess Kaz xxx


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