Super Girl VS Mistress Sin: Dong Of Justice

This was a fantasy request for one of my Subs who wanted to see Super Girl capture a Villain and this is how it panned out.


My arch nemesis and super villain Harley Sin had been causing havoc and mayhem with her villainish ways. Wearing obscene costumes, trying to take over the world, you know the kind of thing!

This was an incubus that could only be lured in and reprimanded by a super heroine! I stepped into my power suit (a red and blue super girl costume) which I donned with thigh high black leather boots and black latex gloves. In that moment I transformed as the rush of strength from my specially adapted outfit surged over my body, giving me unbeatable powers. I have never been the kind of heroine who feels it’s right to use violence on another women so I decided to use my feminine wiles and treat Ms Sin to her own game. I would use her love of orgasms against her by giving her so many that it would weaken her and drain her strength.

I entered the building and located her whereabouts. Peering through a crack in the door I could see that she was already luring an unsuspecting Sub with her magnetic charms and stunning body. She wore a tiny black PVC dress with her bosoms spilling out and her stockings on show. She was distracted as she used her forceful lusty gaze on the sub, so I took my chance and entered.

I stealthily crept up behind her then took the villain in a mighty power grip and began to restrain her with my magic rope. Of course she made a great deal of fuss and noise but I popped a ball gag into her mouth, secured it tightly and then forced her back onto the bed.

Dong Of Justice

The Sub sat with his eyes popping wide at the spectacle before him. He was unlikely to intervene as he was mesmerised by the sight of two powerful woman in various states of undress struggling with one another. I decided to use him as an accomplish and instructed the sub to pay attention to Ms Sin’s nipples.

Soon I realised that Mistress Sin’s powers were diminishing. She began to relent and enjoy the touch of my Sub. Of course I wanted to extract all over her power and so I ordered the sub to pleasure her with his tongue. He seemed to be quite an expert at this and soon she was rolling around squealing in pleasure and the infamous villainess was now a girly damsel and at my mercy!

There was only one thing for it. To reprimand this naughty young harlot and extract all of her orgasms which I would use for greater good, I would need to extract them with The Dong Of Justice.

I strapped up and had the Sub admire the mystical dong. He was completely hypnotised and crawled towards me wrapping his lips around it and sucked on it dutifully like a willing subject. Whilst this was thrilling me ultimately, it wasn’t battling evil and fighting for the greater good! So I whipped Miss Sin over onto her knees and slipped The Dong Of Justice inside her. As suspected, once the power of the Dong had it’s hold over her she was unable to resist it’s almighty power. It’s magic took hold and soon she was bucking back on it, her body demanding it deeper and harder. She rode on it and began to orgasm, the dong draining her energy and causing her to flop on the bed with a sweet satisfied smile playing on her lips.

This Mistress of Darkness should be no problem to the city now and should she return to wreak carnage, I will be waiting in the shadows to take her in hand and administer more orgasms!

Super Girl


Is it your ultimate fantasy to see a showdown between a sexy super heroine and a vixenish villain? Enter our realm and play witness to one of the most sexually obscene performances you will see between the forces of good and evil!

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