Doggy Training – Fetish Of The Day ‘D’

How To Train Your Human Puppy

Doggy Training

Doggy Training

Doggy training – in this case nothing to do with your pet pooch, but in fact a role play game where a Submissive partner desires to act like a dog and be trained by his Mistress or Master.

Subs in puppy training can generally expect to wear a collar and leash and to please their owner by performing several tasks and tricks to show their obedience and loyalty. For example during Slave training, Mistress may command puppy to heel, beg for a tasty treat, fetch the newspaper in his mouth, roll over or even play dead! When puppy is a good obedient little dog, he may be treated with a small delicious snack, words of encouragement or a little rub on his belly!

When Puppies Go Bad!

Of course little sub puppies are sometimes very naughty when in training! They may do things such as get a task wrong, act disobediently, or get over excited and try to hump ones leg! At this point your human pet should be admonished accordingly with a stern word or a little smack on his not so hairy rump! If your human pet doesn’t show signs of learning you could even have him sleep in the dog house, or chain him up until he has learnt his lesson! (I would not advise doing this with an actual animal EVER. Consensual role play with a consenting adult is very different from actual animal abuse!)

I once entertained two Subs at once who wanted to be my little puppies. Well it all started off swimmingly with the puppies performing their tricks perfectly. Then yours truly treated them both to a  little doggy bowl of champagne as a reward. Well that was a bad move with these two as they became very over excited and started to sniff each others bottoms! Next they began to fight over a cuddly toy, each with a fluffy bear arm in his mouth. I was having none of that kind of funny business! So, I put them both in separate doggy cages until they had learnt their lesson.

Puppy Love

When I eventually let my puppies Neville and Horace out of their cages, they sheepishly wagged their little bottoms and licked my feet. ‘Good boys!’ I told them and as a treat I put their leashes on and let them crawl round the garden and play fetch with a frisbee. My delighted little pups were ecstatic and wore them little selves out chasing the frisbee. I bet they slept well that night!

When training your pet human always be sure to reward and punish accordingly. A firm hand is often needed where Slave training is concerned. We don’t want those little tinkers getting out of hand!

Doggy Training

Doggy Training

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