Cuckolding – Fetish Of The Day ‘C’

What is a Cuckold Slave?

A Cuckold is an individual who enjoys watching is wife or play partner being pleasured by other men. There are often Sub-categories of this fetish and the Sub may also find that his arousal is heightened by humiliation or even by having his orgasm controlled or denied. Some Cuckolds are known to enjoy ‘cleaning up’ afterwards. This involves them orally pleasuring the woman who has recently been ejaculated in.

Why would somebody want another man to have sex with his wife or partner?

There are multiple reasons for this fetish. For some it is an insecurity that they cannot pleasure their wife. They justify that by allowing the wife to be pleasured by other men, that she will be fully satisfied and more content in the relationship and therefore unlikely to run off with someone else or leave the relationship. For others, it is more the thrill of voyeurism, or in some cases the Cuckold may be turned on by the humiliation of the scenario and being degraded. Some desire that the woman is pleasured by a ‘bull’ or black male specifically although this is a sub fetish. This is most likely down to the myth that black men are more well endowed. Or if I was to play devils advocate and be cynical, I might suggest that this side of the fetish is lead by some racist belief that it is more ‘degrading’ to have a black male pleasure your Missus.

Cuckolding – An evolutionary Cause?

There are theories which claim that when a man feels the threat of being challenged for his prize (the female) and that it causes him to feel both jealously and arousal simultaneously. By feeling the threat of other love rivals, his need to ‘chase’ is reignited and his passion for the prize is increased. Thereby, keeping his excitement for the relationship alive and increasing his need to pursue the relationship.

There are many different reasons for this fetish, but whatever they may be, I think it’s fair to say that the British are quite a kinky lot behind closed doors and that whole stiff upper lip image is all a façade for many! You dirty little devils you!



My Husband/Wife wants to Cuckold. Should we do this?

Woah! Slam the breaks on! You shouldn’t enter into anything like this in a rush unless you know each other inside out and are both 100% secure in the relationship, as this could lead to more insecurities, problems and even taint the relationship for good. Think carefully before you introduce anyone else to your playtime activities. A simple thrill will last only moments, but may cause lasting problems.

I’m single  – how can I be a Cuckold?

On the web you will find many escorts and private parties that offer such a service. You can explore this fetish no strings attached to see how comfortable you are with Cuckolding in a more neutral scenario.



I rank this one:

Safety: 3/10 Proceed with caution after you are 100% secure with this scenario and all prospective play partners have been STI checked.

Naughtiness: 7/10

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