Cross Dressing Reading

Cross dressing isn’t always something that gentlemen feel they can do with their significant other whilst others don’t have a significant other to play with. Often it is kept like a guilty secret with the odd pair of hidden panties coming out when the fetishist has the house to himself for an hour or so. Others are not satisfied by a pair of panties and long to wear silky stockings, suspenders, perhaps a sexy thong – the whole works!

Not all Mistresses provide a cross dressing service but I have plenty of sexy costumes and I always did enjoy dressing my dollies when I was little.

Some of my Subs and fetishists that visit me just want to feel feminised and wear tights, and classy clothes. Often these types will bring well designed items with them that they know feels good to wear. I offer a safe environment for them to dress with no interruptions, help with dressing and make up if desired and plenty of mirrors! Often I encourage them to sashay up and down, pose in front of the mirror and show off in their new clothes. This is always a great deal of fun for both them and myself!

Cross Dressing Reading

Then there are the fetishists who want to be sluts! There is a slightly more sexual aspect here for them as the longing to feel ‘slutty and degraded’ is partly a sexual desire. This is where my help comes in. Being a Mistress I am able to help them feel degraded, humiliated or even just tease or encourage a little.  Whilst one Sub enjoys an acidic tongue and jibes of “You look ridiculous. imagine if anyone saw you!’ others may enjoy comments like “I bet those stockings feel really sexy on, take a look in the mirror.” I can usually suss my Subs out in the first 5 minutes and if I have any doubts I will encourage them to open up and reveal their inclinations.

Furthermore my wardrobe brims with sexy skirts, a whole range of fishnet stockings, dernier, tights, suspenders, bikini tops and other slut wear that will make any Sub feel like he has struck the jackpot and won a lock in at Victoria Secrets!

My cross dressing sluts love to wear my most racy selections of lingerie, strips of lace, mesh, fishnet, push up bras stuffed with fillers for extra oomph and a tight little dress or skirt.  For them it is paradise to be able to wear whatever they like and relax completely.


Cross Dressing Reading

Some love to dress and then enjoy some mild to moderate domination, whilst others just want to try on lots of different costumes and then be on there way once our time is over.

Occasionally I get asked to accompany Subs on shopping trips to help them select lingerie and clothing. This is always good fun as I do love a good shopping spree and enjoy helping people to choose. We might stop in a cafe or bar for a glass of wine or a latte and then head back to mine so they can try on their new garments with excitement. I myself love that feeling of buying new fetish wear so can relate to it entirely and I am always happy to encourage them to spoil themselves! And if my companion for the afternoon wants to spoil his Mistress to some new stockings or shoes as well then who am I to argue! 😉

Your Feminising Mistress

Princess Kaz  x