Chastity – Fetish Of The Day ‘C’

What is chastity?

A chastity cage is a device often made from plastic which fits over the penis and then is locked into place to restrict the penis. This prevents the wearer from reaching a full erection or being able to pleasure himself.

Many Submissive men enter into chastity and often for prolonged periods, such as a week or even three! The cage will then be locked into place and the key given to his key holder or Mistress. The reasons for engaging in such a practise are many. Some men find that being in chastity for extended periods helps them to feel more Submissive and allows them to enjoy letting their partner or Mistress take control of their behaviour and sexual freedom. Not knowing when he will be allowed release can be very arousing for him and act as prolonged foreplay.

I have been the key holder for various chastity slaves and I find that a little mind play makes it all the more exciting for them. One Slave would send me daily photo’s of himself locked up and would tell me how frustrated he was, and that he was so excited to eventually be unlocked. Meanwhile I sent him photo’s of my feet which would practically send him over the edge!

Mistress Mind Games

Another Sub of mine was in chastity for two weeks before I allowed him to visit me to be freed from his torment. I sent him into my garden (which needed a good dig) and marked several areas on a hand drawn map claiming that the key was certainly in one of those spots, but I couldn’t quite remember which! After  an hour or so of him digging in different spots, the rising panic in his face grew with a mixture of fear and excitement. Eventually I dug the key out of my pocket with a long nail with an “Oops silly me! It must have been in my pocket all along!” He loved the game, the anticipation and the not knowing what to expect and I got my garden dug for free!

There are plenty of fun games to be enjoyed with this. I would suggest for safety, always keep an emergency key and have your sub use Sudocreme on his naughty bits if he is locked into chastity for extended periods. This is to avoid him chafing the skin too severely.

Enjoy keeping your Sub on the straight and narrow with this one! Although if you are feeling generous you might want to let him out occasionally for a little light relief!



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