Chastity Fetish Interview

Today I interviewed *Levi,  a successful businessmen in his early 40’s from the Netherlands who considers himself as submissive. He has a big fetish for online dommes, financial domination and being locked into chastity. In this wonderfully frank interview, Levi was very open and honest and I am grateful for his willingness to share his secret side with myself and you – the readers. I was very keen to find out more about Levi’s fetish and how it fits into his life.

This is how it went…


Hello Levi. Thank you for agreeing to this interview today.

You mentioned that you have been into fetish and chastity for 18 years now. Do you feel that you need to experience more extreme things to get the same level of pleasure.

It all started with some Femdom fantasies 18 years ago, browsing the early sites on the internet.  I was always looking for humiliation and finding that submissive feeling. It started with viewing face sitting and smothering online, then on myself some ball torture with self made pins through closet paper.

Later, when I got a credit card I did some cam sessions with different Mistresses and also some Findom (financial domination) via amazon.  At that time it was all via msn messenger and yahoo messenger. I guess Findom seemed to be the easiest thing to do online and felt more real. Back then I didn’t dare to try real time sessions. Of course everything starts slowly and goes further and further with regards to Findom. When I still had savings I started slowly but the amount I spent gradually went up to £100 and later £1000 a day occasionally. At one point I gave a Mistress the login details to my PayPal. She changed my email and password so I could not access it anymore and she really abused me. Actually I loved it. I even begged her for more abuse!

You mentioned that you often go into chastity. What’s the longest you have been in chastity? And what does it feel like for you? Can you talk me through the process of going into chastity?

I Love it. I wish my wife would like it as well, but she does not unfortunately

Being in chastity is one of the most power and surrendering things a slave can do in my eyes, together with toilet slavery. As my man little clit is very small, the small sized CB6000s is even too big! It feels natural actually

The thing is, I have a family – wife and kids that do not know. So chastity is not an easy fetish to indulge too often. The longest I have been in chastity is 2 full weeks before my Master released me, so it was a case of late to bed and up early to not see my wife, which was not easy as you can imagine!

Prior to this it was only during work hours or a couple of days in a row that I wore my chastity device.  I did used to spend a lot of time wearing used panties belonging to my former Mistress before I discovered chastity though.

It feels really normal after a few days. I get horny, beg for more abuse…pain and financial domination.

Chastity belt

Does it ever get hard leading a double life or do you find it thrilling all the time?

The double life is really hard for me. Especially last year since I was half caught during a TeamViewer session.. I hate the feeling that I might be acting unfaithful to my wife. I tried to introduce it to her a little a bit but she didn’t really understand. The thing is I just cannot resist. It does not make me feel more excited that I am sneaking around. Excitement comes from the fetish

What is your ultimate fantasy?

My ultimate fantasy before I was married and had no kids was long term chastity, forever even,  to completely surrender -financially and emotionally. I dreamed of living as toilet slave, being caged while not used and being abused as sex slave.  So my fantasies are really extreme and I love the thought of being a toy object to Master or Mistress


Chastity Fetish Interview

Is there anything you wouldn’t consider doing?

There are a lot of things I wouldn’t consider such as any thing that is impossible to hide in my private life. Wearing chastity, panties, and Findom feels enough for me, although there may be still small steps further. It ‘s a challenge thinking rationally and controlling my emotions when I am in the moment

What are the dangers of having certain fetishes – have you ever encountered any problems.

The biggest danger for me was being caught once.  It almost resulted in end of my marriage. Also some breathe-play I experimented with on my own. In hindsight it was very dangerous.

Lately I’ve been flirting with blackmail a bit. This is also very dangerous for some, although I trust Master completely.

Oh and some years ago I also did some risky suffocation and bondage with plastic bags. Luckily all went ok but I’m not doing that again.

Do you feel that people today are very judgemental when it comes to kink?

I only talk on twitter and online about my kinks, never in real life. That feels too much betraying my wife. Somehow online feels less worse, although it is very real and very expensive

It does sound like an expensive habit to maintain. How do you afford to do this regularly and keep your spending hidden?

I am lucky to have a good job and I spend like 300-400 a month on average.  I mostly use all my work bonuses as my wife does not know about my secret life. I am out of savings now. I started with $35k, so now I have to be more careful. That is why I added chastity and slut Sissy training and wearing panties now as it’s a fetish I can enjoy in between online sessions.

Of course at some point I ran out of money and I tried to stop.  My willpower only lasted a few months or weeks even. Then I was unable to resist again, but these huge amounts are impossible now. I  guess I spent more than $30k last year on my fetish.

slave chastbelt
Have you ever said no to a domme? If so why and what happened?

I always follow my real dommes orders if possible, meaning the ones I know and have a longer and trusting relationship with. In the past I discovered that Findom can bring out the bad side in some dommes. Some have wanted more and much more than agreed. They have wanted to move too fast and move beyond my feasible limits.

Of course hard limits are hard limits. Sometimes you cannot do what is asked because it is not possible.

Are you part of any communities where like minded people can share fantasies or do you keep your kink between you and your dommes.

I only share with my dommes, except twitter where I share. I like the anonymity and know it will not cause me problems in my personal life.

What chastity device would you recommend to other chastity lovers and what other advice would you give them?

Chastity devices are very personal. I prefer real steal ones. I love the CB6000s look-a-likes. I got several from ali-express in China. They are cheap but secure. It’s best to experiment before buying an expensive one. But try it. It feels great!

Chastity Devices








*Names are changed for anonymity.