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What would you do if your most Sordid Secrets became an overwhelming urge that encompassed your entire being?

Just imagine, running away from the strains of daily life and immersing yourself in a world of mystery, romance and dark desires.

Amy is a successful businesswoman who finds herself throwing off the restraints of her career to go off in search of excitement and desires of the flesh. When her path collides with that of the magnetic Lady Athena she feels as if she has found her true calling. Yet, everything is never as it seems. Will Amy’s reckless behaviour tear apart everything she truly loves…?

Sordid Secrets launches this Wednesday 28th February and will be available on Amazon kindle, kobo and paperback.

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“Mistress Kaz debut book is an emotional roller coaster packed with excitement” London Book Review.

“What a book –  steamy from start to finish” The Daily Sport