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Today your British Berkshire Mistress takes a look inside Objectum Sexuality. This ‘fetish’ refers to those who are sexually attracted to inanimate objects. Technically it is not really a true fetish or paraphilia as those who come under this label also feel emotions and love towards their desired object and not just simply feelings of lust However it’s a very interesting topic and it would be a shame to miss it out so lets take a look at the sort of objects that Objectophiles may feel attraction, lust and romantic feelings towards!


Not Just A Sex Object

There are many stories on the internet about both females and males who are in love and feel attraction for an inanimate object. The Objectophiles in the press seem to favour dominant buildings, statues and trees or motoring vehicles but this is not always the case.  An Objectophile may just as easily fall for a calculator or a kitchen gadget. I suppose in a way it would perhaps be a less complicated love life! You’d always know where it was and would never have arguments!

British Berkshire Mistress

See this video below of a woman who is in love with a rollercoaster – I found this absolutely fascinating!


Sharing Love With The Famous

There is one lady in the press who is also in love with The Statue Of Liberty and many Objectophiles claim to be in relationships with their Object of affection! Of course this does raise a few amusing moral conundrums! What is 3 or 4 people were in love with Big Ben or The Empire State building? What if an Objectophile has several ‘love interests’ on the go. Do they class this as cheating? Has an Objectophile ever dumped their lusty object as they felt that they were having an affair? I ask these questions tongue in cheek, but perhaps to an Objectophile these are very serious questions so I would be delighted to hear from any Objectophiles out there who can answer my questions!

Unconditional Love

OS is often linked to various psychological conditions such as Aspergers syndrome, and in itself it is often referred to as a condition. I feel reluctant to describe it this was as many that have this ‘condition’ apart from their slightly unusual tastes, are normal, functional people who have jobs and are good members of society. They often feel that objects possess a soul or spiritual energy that they can connect with.

As long as the desire or attraction for objects doesn’t lead to the breakdown of healthy human relationships I cannot see that it could be a problem. Whilst the concept of being romantically involved with a scoot or a brick wall might be utterly ridiculously to some of us, for the Objectophile it is a healthy expression of love and why should we condemn them for their choices.

Of course these things can always be taking to far. In the press we have heard of cases of men popping their dinkies into exhaust pipes – often leading to injury! I don’t believe we can count those in this category though as true love is about healthy respect and passionate sex. Not about sexually invading other peoples machinery in public.

Finally – here are ten of the most interesting case of OS. Enjoy! Objectum Sexuality Top 10

I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on this topic and I encourage you to share your experiences or comments.

Your British Berkshire Mistress  – Princess Kaz X

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