Breathe Play – Fetish Of The Day ‘B’

Today I am exploring ‘Breathe Play’ in my blog.  Now, this is something that you certainly shouldn’t consider dabbling with alone, or with an inexperienced partner. We have all heard of those horror stories of Politicians and Rock Stars having kicked the bucket after playing around with asphyxiation and been found in their hotel room trussed up like a Christmas turkey. With restrains and breathe play it is very easy for something to go horrifically wrong if you don’t know what you are doing….and if you are alone then it’s highly unlikely that anyone will find you in time if something does go wrong. So – mark my words of caution and ALWAYS play safe and with someone you trust who has a lot of common sense!

Breathe Play

Breathe Play


What is Breathe Play?

Breathe Play is when you use some kind of restriction to control your breath. This for some people is said to be arousing due to the potential danger element. Secondly it is said that in some people it can heighten orgasm. often collars, ropes or even a bag with air-holes in over the head are used by practitioners.

How Else Can I be Safe?

If you are doing breathe play to someone else, bare in mind the following things……if their head is covered with a plastic bag you can not see what colour their skin is or see their eyes (blue or purple is NOT a healthy colour) so you will need note whether their chest is rising and falling and whether the bag has some air in it or not. If there is air in the bag you will see as it will expand and contract. If it doesn’t then you are definitely suffocating your playmate so cease activity and remove the bag immediately. Always ensure there are plenty of air-holes in the bag too. If you use a transparent bag this is much safer as you can see their face. If you are dealing with ropes or ties, ensure you have a good pair of scissors handy so you can immediately cut the ties should you need to. You should never tie knots round someone’s neck or hang them by the neck from anything either. It sounds obvious but they are a lot of Darwin Award Winners throughout history who have failed to consider these things. Some people can hold their breathe for a minute, some less. If you have a bad heart or are excited or anxious…this will be less.

Also using drugs or alcohol during breathe play increases the likelihood of something going wrong, so always err on the side of caution.

Always keep a charged up mobile phone handy if you enjoy dabbling with more dangerous fetishes like this. Finally – never leave plastic bags lying around as animals or children may suffocate.

Be Safe peeps!

I rank this one:

Safety: 1/10 – Exercise With Caution!

Naughtiness: 3/10

If you enjoyed reading this then please look out for my future ‘Fetish Of The Day’ A-Z Blogs! I would love to hear our comments and would especially love comments from Breathe Play enthusiasts on why you love your fetish!

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