Berkshire Mistresses Fetish

Mistresses tend to be purveyors of fetish and that is certainly true for Queen Of Sin and I. We love to dabble and immerse ourselves fully in the arts of femdom. There is nothing more than having a restrained Sub, or a Slave grovelling on his hands and knees or a sweet little sissy dressed up in girly lingerie and at our mercy!

The world of fetish is a whole lot of fun and since meeting Mistress Sin we have enjoyed many a fetish event together. Sometimes things do not always go completely smoothly.  I was just on the phone to Miss Sin and asked her what her strangest experience of fetish was. She reminded me of our tour to Sexhibition last summer. We had a Sub over after the event and took turns in fisting him with our latex covered hands. Well Dear Sub had enjoyed a few too many whiskies at Sexhibition and so he was not quite as in control as he would have liked. It was when a fist was retracted from his bottom and us ladies both automatically shifted our heads to the side out of habit, that a sudden nugget of poo exited his backside like a missile and launched itself onto the opposite wall. This unexpected explosion left us both shell shocked for a good 30 seconds where we just looked at each other with eyes wide in astonishment! Then we fell into peels of laughter and upon discovery of his mistake the Sub was mortified and quickly set to cleaning the wall whilst we made wise cracks and said “You missed a bit!” Luckily this did not put Mistress Sin off and since we have enjoyed many an occasion together being ladies or leisure, lounging as Slaves tend to our needs and dishing out punishments.

Hertfordshire Mistresses Fetish

Sometimes things do go a little pear shaped but the world of fetish is a fabulous one to explore. We both enjoy all kinds of fetish and will try our hands at anything new (except scat or needles).

I would be hard pushed to pick a single fetish I enjoy but I adore having my feet and legs worshipped – oh it sends me into a realm of absolute bliss!  Dressing up my Sissies is always great fun too! Mistress Sin is also very open minded and loves most styles of fetish too, although she admits she does love dishing out a good spanking to naughty Slaves and enjoys putting them in their place!

We are both greatly looking forward to our dungeon day in Barnet  on May 25th, testing out all the equipment and putting our Slaves through the paces!

We still have some spaces available so text or call the booking line to book your space and be subjected to a wonderful fetish experience!

Princess Kaz x

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  1. david - 27th April 2016 at 11:02 PM -

    Would love to dommed by you mistress