Berkshire Mistress Finds Sub’s Limits

Ned attended my Sluttery for discipline, to correct his slovenly ways and to experience my special blend of pain and pleasure.

To be fair he was excellent at taking orders and eager to please which is always a good quality in a slave.

Ned was made to worship my long stilletoes and feet which he did an adequate job of.  I bound him tightly next and secured his ball gag so he was at the mercy of his twisted Mistress.

Berkshire Mistress

Berkshire Mistress

Whilst tied up nice and tightly I also secured some nice strong clover clamps to his nipples to remind him of his misdemeanors and to ensure that his behaviour was better in future. I lit ten tea lights and taunted them as the wax began to melt. I told him that I was going to cover him with wax and that it would be very hot! I said “Are you ready? It’s going to be very hot! I hope you are prepared my slut as you will suffer!”

Normally the longer I pause and taunt the greater reaction I get from my Sub. This one didn’t bat an eyelid however and seemed to luxuriate in the wait for his impending doom! I’d have to up the ante I thought to myself. I started with a light dribbling of wax down his back which didn’t even cause the lightest twitch. Then I trailed a light splashing over his buttocks and down towards his balls. I decidedly to lightly singe the ends of the hair on his bottom cheeks which is usually a sure fire way to install at least a modicum of panic. This Sub was as cool as a cucumber. I’d have to put in a little effort, normally it was too easy –  I enjoy a challenge!

I was starting to tire of the wax so trailed the last of it across his balls, making quite an exquisite pattern.  Now to see if that wax would whip off easily. I lashed at the wax with my paddle. It seemed stuck pretty tight although my slave seem to be relishing the pain. I decided to see if a little caning would remove the wax. After fifteen lashes it had not budged an inch so I decided it was only fair to punish my Sub for this. 6 more lashes on the butt cheeks and a hard paddle to the sole of each foot.  Sub’s bottom was scarlet red but he seemed to be as relaxed and content as a pig in the mud!

I scraped the remaining wax off with my nails and untied my slut and pushed him onto all fours. I  pulled on my sexy black latex gloves and spread his cheeks. Taking out a pair of pink rubber beads I covered them with a johhny and popped them into his bottom.  I started to wonder if my little Sub Ned was actually a robot as I got no reaction from this so retracted the beads and popped in a buzzing vibrator. Aha! He was wriggling on it and I heard a moan of pleasure! “Ride on it for me.” I commanded and he bucked and ride that dildo like a pro. A smile broke across my lips and I upped the vibration and the speed of penetration.

He rode the toy for a few blissful moments then finally implored “Mistress is it ok to stop the dildo for now. I have reached my limit with that task.”

“You did very well Slave and lasted far beyond many of my other slaves.  You have high limits and you are not afraid to reach them. As a reward you may choose the next task.”

What happened next? Well Slave surprised me by asking for yet more pain! And for what type of pain exactly – well I will leave that to your imagination until next time! Here is  picture to give you another clue!

Hertfordshire Mistress

Your Villainess Berkshire Mistress

Princess Kaz x

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