Berkshire Domme Presents – What Is High Class?

This blog explores the definition of a the phrase ‘High Class’ and how you can deliver a high class service to your clients.

“High Class” is a term which is often used very casually in the sex industry, and is often used to justify adding an extra hundred pound or so to an escort’s fee.

“High Class” doesn’t necessarily mean ‘expensive’, although of course “High Class” escorts are able to command a higher fee. Nor does it mean ‘dripping in designer clothes’.  You can take an uneducated girl from ‘Sarf-end’ and don her from head to toe in Versace but it does not make her high class. A  common and apt saying is – you can take the girl out of East London, but  you cannot take East London out of the girl!

Not to say that a girl from East London could not be high class. Class is not simply about price or accent. It is an attitude, a way of being. To have class as a lady, is to ensure you are educated on many subjects, even if you do not have a formal qualification. To have class is to speak clearly and with diplomacy, whatever your accent.  To be impeccably presented and take pride in not only your appearance but in everything you do.

Berkshire Domme Presents

Berkshire Domme Presents

What do gentlemen like?

Gentlemen like ladies. This means being sweet and charming, but of course it does not mean you should act like a bimbo with no opinions of your own. People like to debate and hear different opinions and not to hear you bleat ‘yes sir’ ‘no sir’ and have nothing of value to add. Ladies also do not need to add a profanity after every word. They can express themselves easily without needing to do so. However should a naughty word be relevant and appropriate then so be it. But deliver all you say with passion and always wear a smile. It’s very hard to not warm to someone who is always positive, cheerful and smiling.

Be Prepared

A high class lady should be well prepared. Flaky ‘girls’ are not enticing. Always carry wet wipes, condoms, lube, mints and spare pair of stockings in case you ladder the ones you are wearing. Carry a phone charger and a hidden stash of change for an emergency.

Drama is extremely unattractive…leave yours at home and don’t bring it to work with you.


You don’t need to wear Agent Provocative undies, but grey, misshapen or badly sized lingerie will do you no favours. Whatever you wear – wear it with style and a smile! It goes without saying that good hygiene is crucial ad don’t forget the little touches such as neat toenails and smooth feet. Your client may have a huge foot fetish and may not want to nibble on jagged toe nails and flaking feet! Like Euuuh!

What does your client want?

Everyone has a motivation and for many men sex is a motivation. But that’s not where it ends. Clients have many different wants and needs, including companionship, good conversation and someone to listen to them. A lot of people prefer to talk rather than listen.But if you really listen this will set you aside from the rest and make your client feel wanted and royally spoiled! If you are a Mistress or Dominatrix (in which case you will very likely know most of what I am telling you already) the psychology for a clients wants is more complex, and his psyche layered with different needs. I will return to that as a separate topic in future.


Respect yourself.

Have very clear rules and boundaries and stick to them regardless. If a client asks you for something that you don’t do, politely explain that you don’t do this. If he in anyway tries to pressure you, repeat yourself and say that you will need to call your buddy and leave if he persists. No need to shout or swear. The strongest person is the person who can remain calm and collected.


Topics to avoid:

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t slate his football team, his religious views or political views. This is not to say that you can’t have a healthy debate. But if you feel the conversation is not going well, change tack and offer to give him a massage. After all, he is booking you for your time. Not to enter into a battle of wills! Pop away the boxing gloves and start again 😉

Berkshire Domme Presents


Create a clean, ambient environment with soft music and dimmed lighting. You don’t have to go crazy but a safe, discreet and comfortable place is very inviting and somewhere your client will want to return to.

Berkshire Domme Presents

Avoid yawning, repeatedly looking at your watch or moaning that you are hungry or tired. It may sound like an obvious one but I have seen so many girls do this! For you client, his time with you is exciting and he may have had to save up for it. He wants to feel that at least you are enjoying it a little too so doesn’t want to hear your complaints. Even if you have a headache, just had a bad phone call or feel your period coming, put on your best smile and give him an Oscar winning performance!

Another thing I have seen girls do a lot is enter the room stuffing their faces with food. Sooo not sexy and doesn’t make you smell very nice either. This detracts from the sexy mysterious woman you want to come across as.  If you are that starving either factor in a 5 minute break after, or enter the room with strawberries and grapes and feed them to each other sexily. This should keep you going!

Berkshire  Domme Presents

Berkshire Domme Presents


Always arrive discretely wearing something nice but classy. You don’t wish to embarrass your client and draw unwanted attention. When eating out, always wait for your client to start eating first. Don’t stuff your face or get sauce all over your chin – not exactly attractive! Avoid criticising the food – unless he does first and then just follow suit in a good humoured way.  Wait for your client to fill your wine glass. Helping yourself to a generous serving of his Veuve Clicquot is not the way to impress and obtain a repeat booking.

Berkshire Domme Presents


Remember – your client is not booking a date or femdom session with ‘Tracie from Romford’ He is buying a fantasy. An idealised version of the perfect woman! Am I saying not to be yourself? No, I am saying that you should be the very best version of yourself that you can be. And if there is something you wouldn’t do in front  of a guy you fancied the pants off of, then don’t do it in front of your client either.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I welcome you to add your own comments and thoughts on what you think ‘High Class’ is.