Berkshire Domme Presents – Macrophila

Today your Berkshire Domme explores the fascinating fetish of Macrophila or Giantess fantasy.

Up The Bean Stalk

Macrophiles are aroused by the thought of Giant sized, powerful person that towers over them and are dominant in nature. Remember the movie ‘Attack Of The 50 Foot Women’ To a Macrophile, encountering and being dominated by this lady would be a dream come true.  Macrophiles find nothing more thrilling than  being made to feel small, insignificant and vulnerable. They may harbour fantasies of being crushed or destroyed by an almighty powerful being.

Whilst true giants rarely tend to exist in our society, the effect is often achieved through role play, or in adult movies with clever angles and tiny action figures! A true Macrophile may imagine himself to be just an inch high and completely at the mercy of his object of affections.

Berkshire Domme Presents

Pint Sized Giantess Trickery

I myself have filmed a few movies for Macrophiles including some footage for Giantess Productions. Amusingly I am just 4’10 in height which is 2 inches shorter than Kylie Minogue to give you some idea of how petite I am. Wearing very high heeled boots and using a low camera angle and tiny actions figures we filmed the movie where I would tease and taunt the viewer and the action figure in various ways.  I spoke down to the viewer calling him ‘tiny’ ‘useless’ and threatened to ‘stamp on him’ or ‘crush him like a fly!‘ The action figure was placed in my bra at various points during filming. Having got some feedback from the audience – this drove them absolutely bananas I was told! The thought of being squeezed between giant breasts was like tasting a slice of Heaven for them!

The action figure was also slipped into my panties and I informed the viewer that is where they would live until I decided otherwise. Furthermore, if I was to hear a squeak or a moan, this would invoke my wrath and they would be crushed! I was later told this was the most exciting and pleasing part of the movie!

Are Women The Superior Sex?

Macrophiles usually tend to be male. Many psychologists theorise that this is because women generally to see men as stronger and more dominant anyway. Well there is always the exception to the rule and any great Domme out there will know that men are the weaker sex! Nowadays a women balances a full time career, is often the breadwinner, keeps herself groomed, does the shopping, cooking and often takes care of the kids as well as having a social and family. Women can multi-task and are the hardiest when it comes to falling sick. When a women gets a cold she carries on working. Whereas a man is more likely to be suffering from the most tragic ‘man flu’ that anyone has ever suffered . Often he will take to his bed grumbling like a little boy that’s on his death bed and nothing can heal them other than endless sympathy and attention (and occasionally titties!)  You may think my words are a little sexist but come on you know it’s the truth! So perhaps you don’t need an actual ‘Giantess’ at all but indeed a strong dominant woman who is in control of her life…and ahem….yours! 😉 Failing that tell her to wear some super sky high heels and lie yourself down on the floor where you can grovel at her feet! Make sure it’s convincing though as otherwise she may crush you like a little worm under her sturdy heels!

Best Behave Yourselves!

Love and Mucho Crushing – Your Hertfordshire Domme – Princess Kaz! X

Hertfordshire Domme Presents

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