Berkshire Cross Dressing

Do you have a naughty secret? Do you long to be feminised or dress in sexy lingerie and women’s clothing but find you can never get a private moment to yourself at home? Do you ever just wish you could go somewhere private and indulge your hidden fantasy until your heart is content?

You are not alone. Cross dressing goes back as far as the ancient greeks and Norse. In the Greek cult ‘Aphroditus’ worshippers would often cross dress. In Shakespearian times, only male actors were used on stage so men would dress as women and take on feminine roles. Cross dressers in ancient history include Joan Of Arc and Hua Mulan. In more modern times celebrity cross dressers include cage fighter Alex Reid, Comedian Eddie Izzard, fashion designer Marc Jacobs and a whole host of others that promote, indulge in or ambassadors for the art.

Hertfordshire Cross DressingHertfordshire Cross DressingHertfordshire Cross Dressing

Do you long to transform your look like the image below?

Hertfordshire Cross Dressing

There are many gentlemen in the UK that enjoy cross dressing and the pleasure that comes with being feminised.  Many of them struggle to find privacy at home or struggle to choose suitable garments. Visiting a Mistress is a great way to indulge your desires in absolute privacy and without judgement. There is nothing like being in a safe haven where you will not be interrupted and have a whole wardrobe of sexy garments at your disposal.

I like to have plenty of sexy clothing for my cross dressing Subs to wear and most importantly plenty of sexy thongs, stockings and suspenders for those who desire the pleasure of slut training. I take great pleasure in applying make up for those who seek the full transformation and enjoy carefully applying make up to make them like pretty, slutty dolls…or perhaps even a more sophisticated look for those seeking a touch of class. I love to help them dress, suggest items, and stroke their naughty stockings and suspenders and feel the gorgeous fabrics under my fingers.

Visiting a Mistress for a Cross Dressing service has the added advantage of spending time with an open minded individual available to give you advice on looks and make up and be supportive and encouraging during the experience.

There are many optional experiences you can tag on to your cross dressing experience such as a kinky role play, humiliation, strap-on training or something else entirely. I always advise picking 1 – 4 services that intrigue you and then explore these during the session. Of course some cross dressers simply prefer to dress and just enjoy the sensation of wearing beautifully sexy clothes whilst being encouraged by a Mistress.

If you cross dress what are your favourite things to wear? What makes you feel comfortable. Please feel free to leave your comments below, you don’t have to leave your real name.

Have a great day my naughty little cross dressing sluts.

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Princess Kaz