Mistress In Berkshire Humiliates Sub

One of my Subs whom I like to call Mindy has an Indian Mistress overseas. I see Mindy for sessions from time to time but I hadn’t got chance to meet his Indian Mistress Reena until recently. Mindy surprised me last time by saying that Reena would be able to come on Skype to join us. I was looking forward to her joining in for a session and could feel that it would be extremely entertaining. Mistresses are a handful by themselves, but for some reason when you get two Mistresses together they really egg each other on and enjoy bouncing off each other and making their poor slaves suffer immensely!

Reena came online and I bent Mindy over my knee for an old fashion head mistress spanking. I asked Miss Reena how many spanks she deemed appropriate and how hard- she suggested 10 hard ones! I gladly agreed and sat about giving my Slave a very sore bottom!

Next we decided to insert a dildo into his bottom and order him to lick and suck my stiletto heels, followed by a big fat dildo.He gobbled at them greedily, slurping and sucking and I told him that he was one of my very best cocksuckers! Mistress Reena awarded him 9/10 on a scale of best ever cocksuckers. He seemed quite proud of this title and I could tell he would be working hard to please me in future in this area.

Sub Sucks Strap-On

Mistress Reena wanted to see me spit all over slut Mindy, so I spit in his face, his mouth and over his balls whilst slapping his balls and thighs. He was moaning and complaining and I told him he was being very wimpy and not to disappoint Ms Reena! Mindy then got his act together and took his punishment like a good boy. We enjoyed putting him through his paces and torturing his balls and then I positioned myself on his face using him as a seat whilst I spanked his balls.

Our sub enjoys some really explicit filthy chat so we then did some role play whilst I spanked him and told him that I had been seeing his brother behind his back. My deviant slave really loves this and he adores the humiliation of it all! By the end of it all he was feeling very much put in his place and I told him I expected him to return very soon for more punishment. I love to punish my naughty Slave and he loves to be a good boy for me. I’m looking forward to making him do more dirty deeds for me in future! I still remember the time I made him drink his pee and my lovely golden nectar. Perhaps if he is well behaved he will get to enjoy my fine vintage once more!

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Love and Lashes

Your Evil Mastermind Of Hellish Punishments and Mistress In Hertfordshire

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