Reading Mistress Torture Session

Reading Mistress Torture Session – Imagine your worst nightmare. Then multiply it by ten!

The more Femdom sessions I do the more I enjoy it. I can barely remember that young girl all those years ago that used to try to disguise a slight wince when she thrashed the cane down on a juicy reddening rump! Each time I enter a session, I feel a shift and a transformation take place. I morph into my alter ego, a smile crosses my face, my pupils narrow and I feel an alertness wash over me.

In a recent session you could liken the moans escaping the room to something out of ‘Hell Raiser’. As a general rule the Submissives that come to see me enjoy light fetish, a little dabbling into the dark arts of Femdom and nothing too extreme. Occasionally though I am visited by serious self proclaimed pain freaks who want to be made to weep!

In my last session my Sub Francis wanted severe nipple torture. My clover clamps had broken (so I have now replaced them) so I improvised with two binder clips. These contract and provide an extremely tight grip so are painful as soon as they are clipped onto the nipple. Francis was no beginner to pain though and experienced my hands twisting them around 180 degrees with a mixture of agony and elation. I had him keep these on for an hour and a half. Eventually he requested that I remove them but it was agreed a forfeit would take take place for the removal of these. Caning the nipples seemed like a unanimously pleasing punishment and I caned his red nipples which were covered in dents soundly.

Reading Mistress Torture Session

When it came to his arse, I warmed it up with a hand spanking then built up the intensity with a flogger, a paddle and finally a tawse. I decided to save the cane for his balls an cock and between teasing his little flump with my cane, I administered a good sounding thwack! My little wanker just couldn’t get enough of the pain it seemed as next he gathered his balls up in his hands to make them more sensitive and I gave them a bigger whack. Well that floored him for a few minutes and he moaned “You enjoy this too much Mistress!” I laughed and suggested a little wimp like him might need a break. He was eager to please though and was up on his knees again waiting for punishment. He reminded me of a little dog waiting for a succulent steak, but instead of holding a steak I brandished a cane.

I feel almost vampiric at times in my sessions, it’s like I draw energy from my pain sluts and then transfer it back via a nice leather or wooden instrument.

Perhaps my next session will be a sensual teasing session, or it may be with another pain slut who will leave clutching his rear after a good beating. Either way, I am bound to enjoy it! Diversity is the spice of life!

Princess Kaz xx

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