Berkshire Mistress Role Plays Bitchy Boss

Berkshire Mistress Role Plays Bitchy Boss – my Submissive bitch enjoys a bitchy boss role play. This is what happened.



I sat at my desk tapping a long manicured finger nail impatiently. I wore a tight black dress with a hemline between the thigh and knee and a tight blouse casually knotted at the waist. Under the dress I wore sheer black stockings and suspenders and 6 inch heels. I was dressed for business. I am a busy career woman and know what I want and how to get it. I settle for no nonsense and have a cut throat approach to those I deem inferior, idle or lacking in motivation. I have no sympathy for excuses and laziness. I am a hard task master and if one of my employee’s just isn’t cutting the mustard then it’s no holes barred – quite literally sometimes!

Rimesh finally arrived in my office, well over 5 minutes late, looking scruffy and very sorry for himself. I am a stickler for punctuality and was immediately annoyed at having to wait five minutes. Time IS money!

I told him to straighten his tie, stand up straight and stop slouching. He had a slovenly way about him and I did not appreciate his blasé attitude.

We had a deadline to meet today on German account. Despite various reminders, it appeared that Rimesh had once again failed to deliver on his promises. This was a £40 million deal and my arse was on the line. It was time to take a tough approach and teach Rimesh a lesson that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

I spoke with him sternly, criticising  him for his laziness and his absolute lack of any redeeming features.

Feeling full of rage, I decided to keep cool and play a little game with him. So instead of shouting, I allowed a deceiving smile to play upon my lips. I could see his roving eye  casting it’s gaze all over my legs and my cleavage. It seemed he was far more interested in getting his free kicks then doing anything useful.

As he pleaded with me to keep his job, I suggested that there was something he could do to keep me happy as I shot him a dirty and flirty look. He looked excited at this and I inwardly smirked at how pathetic, simple and easy men can be.

I let my shirt fall open and watched as his eyes nearly popped down on stalks. I suggested he sink to his knees and crawl towards me. As I said this I shifted my position, allowing my skirt to travel up over my knee and expose my stockings tops. He was like a dog – desperate to get between my legs, huffing, puffing and snuffling. I smirked then allowed him to move his face between my legs. I pulled his head in close and then snapped my thighs shut tightly together squeezing his face and suffocating him. I grabbed a rope and bound his wrists and ordered him not to struggle if he knew what was good for him. He was partly terrified but I could see that he was also highly aroused and I chuckled an evil laugh. I put restraints over the top of the rope – now he was bound tight and completely at my mercy.

Berkshire Mistress Role Plays

“Now, bitch.” I began “We can either do this the easy way or the hard way. You can either do exactly as I say and keep your job or I can punish you and fire you too with no pay. Which way is it to be?” I whispered the last bit sweetly, hiding my dark persona and allowing the words to spill from my tongue like honey. I gazed deep into his eyes and stroked his face as I said this and I felt him melt under my grasp.

“The easy way!” he stuttered. “I’ll do anything, absolutely anything for you my Mistress!”

I smiled and nodded. I knew he would agree. Not that I had given him much choice. The thing is, some women are so weak these days. A powerful woman confuses, tempts and arouses a man, leaving him like a wobbling jelly in her expert hands.

“Perfect.” I said with that sugary voice. “Let the games begin!”

I pushed him so he fell on to his back and then I pulled a leather gimp mask over his head, removing the eye cover so he could watch his torment that was to take place. Next I buckled a collar around his neck and secured a dog leash. I ordered him to stand on all fours and follow me to heel. When I said beg, he begged. When I said whimper, he whimpered. I could see that this bitch would be easy to train. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so quick to fire this one after all if I could make him my adoring puppy so easily. It was quite amusing watching him walk on all fours with his hands tied and this cheered me up immensely and put me in a much better mood instantly. Watching an idiot suffer for his errors never fails to put a smile on my face.

When doggy training was over I pushed him onto his back once more then straddled his face, suffocating him once more. I straddled him backwards so I could pinch his nipples and slap his balls. Administering CBT (cock and ball torture) is quite a wonderful way for a woman like myself to de-stress. A pair of testicles feel just like two delightful little stress balls in my hands and I love to give them a good squeeze and a pinch. I slapped him on the balls a few times and then decided he needed to be treated like a naughty school boy. I sank back into the chair and pulled him over my lap. Then I began to spank his bare arse, slowly slapping him and taking a great delight as his cheeks wobbled and the flesh began to redden. To give him his due, he didn’t moan, or flinch. he took it like the bitch he is and even seemed to be enjoying it. I didn’t want him to enjoy it too much so I started to spank him harder. Well it seemed he was quite delighting in this and he began to hump my leg so I decided to change the punishment.

I pushed him onto the floor and told him to roll onto his back. Then I began to trample him with my spike heel boots. I enjoyed watching the heels poke into his flesh and the way he heaved from the effort of being trampled by his bitchy boss. He was certainly suffering somewhat and he shaking like there was a power drill up his arse! This pleased me a great deal. It brings great joy to see a man suffer in this way when he deserves it.

Then I scratched him, running my long finger nails down his body.

Bored of this pathetic idiot and some of my frustration now relenting, I decided to use him further.

“Lick my boots bitch!” I ordered. he obliged with enthusiasm, kissing and licking my boots all over. I then removed them and told him to do the same to my nylon clad feet and legs. This felt good, so good. I just love to have a bound man on his hands and knees struggling to please me. The leg worship felt great too and relaxed me a great deal.  After some time I was feeling fairly calm and decide to send the imbecile back to the office to work on the report. He would be staying VERY late tonight, but at least he wouldn’t be in the dole office Monday so he should be thanking his lucky stars.

I gave him a final whack on the arse and then untied him. I ordered him to dress promptly then stuffed piles of paperwork in his hands. If he was going to keep his job he would need a meeting with me once per week to keep his behaviour on track.  He gladly agreed and scurried off looking like he’d just dodged the Grim Reaper or an encounter with a mountain lion. I watched the door as it closed and smiled. I know I take a tough approach to my employees but I get things done. I have saved the company 5 million this year with my tough love, out of the box thinking and dynamic ways.

Berkshire Mistress Role Plays

Women are the superior sex and men would do well to remember this. Men should no when to shut their mouths and do as their told and then business corporations would be much more efficient and profits would increase. My message to women is not to take any nonsense. If the men in your life respond back with half arsed attitudes and laziness put them back in line. It’s your way or the high way! Tell them that they can either do things the right way, or you will simply dispense with them. There are plenty more men who have the intelligence to know when their pointless opinions are worthless and who are more willing to put in the effort and know their place. Just in case you were wondering, that place is underneath your well polished heel 😉


Princess Kaz xx

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