Berkshire Mistress Punishes Slave

Berkshire Mistress Punishes Slave – Oh the lucky little devil!

The air was thick and heavy.  As I walked into the outhouse the heavy fog curled around my feet and crept through the door frame, winding it’s way round my legs in a sinister manner.  I walked ahead, my heels raining heavily on the concrete floor.

“Mistress.” The man slid towards me on his belly grasping at my ankles. “Is it time for my whipping?”

“Yes dear” I smiled a wry smile. “But it’s feeding time first. I  put down the two steel bowls and filled one with water. The other with steak. I like to keep my pets well fed so they are strong and useful.  Baron rushed to the bowls demolishing the steak in an instant and lapped up mouthfuls of the cold water.

When he was done I knelt down and popped the lead onto his collar and led him back to the main house where his whipping was to commence. He followed meekly but out of the corner of my eye I could see a smile playing on his lips. A good whipping was the highlight of Baron’s day the kinky little devil and I always delivered with expert care.

I made my way into the sumptuous lounge my PVC attire rustling as I walked.  The fire place roared at the centre of the room. I enjoyed the energy of the fire. I always felt that it calmed my senses. The scent of frankincense hung in the air and I breathed in deep, feeling it cleanse my soul and charge me up.

“Strip.” I commanded.

Baron removed his clothes and assumed the position. He was a well trained pet and never one to disappoint. I began with a hand spanking to warm the flesh, my hand smacking down on his glowing cheeks. After 50 strikes or so I then repositioned him over my knee like a naughty school boy where I administered yet another 50 strikes to his red and quivering rump.

“Oh thank you my wonderful Mistress.” he moaned.

I then pushed Baron off of my lap onto the floor and stood up to retrieve my whip.

“How long has it been since I whipped you Baron?” I queried.

“Far too long my Mistress.” He replied. “Please don’t go easy on me.”

“Oh I certainly won’t.”

I stood with the heavy leather whip in my hand, admiring the way it shone. Then I pulled back my arm and administered the first lash. Baron grunted – the sound was a mixture somewhere between pain and ecstasy.

Berkshire Mistress Punishes Slave

“Thank you Mistress.”

I paced round Baron in a circle and examined him. I always see giving a punishment as a ritual. I am both punishing and rewarding my subjects at the same time. As I lash down on them, they often go into Sub space and it frees them from the turmoil in their minds. They are fixed, only in that moment, floating on a cloud of adrenaline and endorphins.

As for me I watch the fire glow, the red hot flames leap and dance and in between I am in another world and at one with nature. Every lash pulls me back into the moment and I feel a surge pour into my body, like electric charging through with 150 volts. I am always very aware of what I am doing though and am aware of each part that I have whipped, where to whip next and I always measure the symmetry of my markings I leave.

After 6 lashes Baron had a red bottom but no stripes.

“Please harder Mistress. I shouldn’t ask, forgive me but I need it.”

I obliged and brought the whip down another 20 times, taking special care to space out the lashes and ensuring that my work was quite perfect.

“That will do for now.” I stated.

“Will we do our special punishment now Mistress?” Baron implored with hopefulness in his eyes.

“Yes indeed. It’s chastity and chores for you my pet.”

I took up the stainless steel chastity device from a velvet box. It was aptly named ‘The Gates Of Hell.’ then I placed it around Baron’s balls and penis, locking it into place so he could not relieve himself during his chores.

“Now be sure to do a good job my little monster.” I told him. “If you do well I will allow you to be unlocked tomorrow.”

“Thank you Mistress. he replied.

I sent Baron off to clean. I was happily assured that locked safely into the belt he would face no distractions. Later when the chores were done to perfection I would lead him back to his cosy little outhouse and chain him up until morning. Baron would sleep well tonight, like a little puppy dreaming of chasing rabbits.

And I would sit before the fire and write and dream up new punishments for my pets whilst I listen to the crackle of the logs.

Princess Kaz xx

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