Berkshire Mistresses Tie And Tease

Berkshire Mistresses Tie And Tease – a very kinky and erotic session!

One of my Subs recently contacted me with a special request. He had read that I sometimes duo with Mistress Sin and he wondered if we could arrange such a session whereby both he and I were tied up by Mistress Sin and then he would be forced to please me, licking my toes, worshipping my legs and bottom and so on.

Whilst I make the worlds worst Sub – I’m too cheeky and can’t take Submission seriously myself, I thought this sounded like fun and I know that slave Seb is very Submissive! So I informed him what to expect and then it was arranged! Mistress Sin and I wore beautiful black corsets, stockings and suspenders, little black leather/PVC skirt and high heels.

We sent Seb to the shower whilst Mistress Sin bound my wrists and helped me pop in the ball gag. Then Seb came in with his head bowed low and sank to his knees awaiting instruction. Mistress Sin tied his wrists together very tightly then blindfolded him. She then ordered him to crawl across the floor towards me on the bed and to begin rubbing and kissing my feet. From his spot on the floor, he leaned forward and kissed the shoes all over to start with, them he removed them so he could rub my little toes and feet properly. Mistress Sin commented on what a good job he was doing and proffered words of encouragement. Normally I am quite verbal in a session but as I wore the ball gag I was limited and could only make the odd….mmmm’s, sounds of satisfaction and a few giggles! As he tended to my legs I found that this was the most relaxing femdom session I had ever been involved in! I couldn’t utter a word (without spitting out the ball gag anyway – which would have been rude!) and so I just let go and enjoyed being pampered by our Submissive Slave.

Then Mistress Sin told him to sniff my panties. I figured I had played at being Sub long enough by this point, so took it upon myself to cheekily wrap my ankles round his neck, pulled him in close and suffocated him ever so slightly. This was a great source of amusement for me and a surprise for him as he wasn’t expecting it! He didn’t seem to mind to much that I wasn’t behaving that Submissively..well everyone that sessions with me knows that I don’t do submission.

Next he was ordered by Miss Sin to kiss my bottom cheeks all over. I felt like I was in heaven. I don’t know if you have ever had someone kiss and stroke your bottom all over for ages but it’s so relaxing and lovely. I could have it done to me all day long!

We had also planned for Miss Sin to use my strap-on on me. I’m quite fussy about who I let use a strap-on on me as it’s quite an art form to get it right but Miss Sin knew exactly what she was doing! I knelt like a cat on the bed and she expertly slid it into position. We put on a truly filthacious show for our slave! She pointed out that I was writhing and moving back a lot to ramp things up. I just can’t help myself – being the deviant miss I am! Our Slave looked like he was having the time of his life and as if all his birthdays had come at once!

Berkshire Mistresses Tie And Tease

Later we teased our Sub with our long fingers nails and the ball gag came off.  We kept my wrists bound, but I found this didn’t really hinder me much. I can still do exactly the same but just with my hands closer together! Call me multi-talented if you must! 😉

I couldn’t help but have a cheeky nibble on Seb’s nipple too. he seemed to quite enjoy this as he moaned loudly and I saw a twitch in his pants – oh the filthy devil!

This was quite a naughty but very erotic session! I love how diverse and unique my sessions are – and with Mistress Sin in the mix they are even more so! That sultry dark vamp is an awful lot of fun when we session together!

Princess Kaz xx

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