Berkshire Mistresses Punish Sub

Berkshire Mistresses Punish Sub – A naughty ‘School Boy’ gets his comeuppance for his delinquent behaviour and juvenile ways at Princess Kaz’s school of discipline.

Today Mistress Sin and I did a femdom session with a fantasy role play theme. We sipped a nice glass of rose whilst we dressed and she slipped into her sexy black lingerie and Head Mistress attire with a white shirt and a black skirt. Shame made for an ultra glam Head Mistress with her long black hair, long nails and vampy red lips!

Berkshire Mistresses Punish Sub

Meanwhile I slipped into something suitable for a kinky but bitchy school prefect. White sexy lingerie seemed fitting with a short black and white tartan style skirt and a little blouse knotted at the waist. After pulling my hair into cute piggy tails and slipping on a pair of heels I was ready.

Sub Timothy arrived and I pulled him into the room by his ear, his head was bowed low and his face shameful.

“Miss'” I said to Mistress Sin the Head Mistress. “I caught this horrible young scallywag loitering in the corridors during lesson time.  He smells suspiciously of cigarettes and seemed to be looking at some kind of graphic magazine!”

“Thank you Miss B.” Replied the Head Mistress.“I am glad you brought this very sorry looking scoundrel to me for punishment!”  

Miss Sin demanded that Timothy showed her his magazine and much to our absolute astonishment this young cad was carrying a copy of Escort magazine! Mistress Sin reprimanded him by rapping him on the knuckles with a ruler and then informed him that he would be spanked by the prefect first – that was my cue.

With a smug look on my face I ordered Timothy to bend over with his hands on the stool. He looked quite a site in his silly short trousers and too tight shirt! Much to his embarrassment I pulled his trousers and pants down and gave him a good sounding smack on the bottom. I made him count 20 strikes which he did whilst huffing and puffing! Then I picked up a paddle and administered another 20.

“Do you think looking at obscene wanking material on school premises is appropriate boy?” I chastised!

“No Miss B” he mumbled begrudgingly.

Mistress Sin then took the paddle and administered more strikes across his red looking bottom until he yelped.

Berkshire Mistresses Punish Sub

We then decided that as he liked perverted things so much that we would humiliate him. Miss Sin suggested I suffocate him with my chest, which I did. He huffed and puffed and went quite red in the face. Then Miss Sin did the same. He looked like he was going to pass out under her large bazookas and we laughed at him scornfully.

Then I sat on his face and made him sniff my knickers whilst we mocked him and called him a dirty little fiend! I could see he had a stiffy in his pants and teased him about it. He said “Oh Mistresses, it would be so awful if you hit my little boner with a ruler”

“Oh what a fitting punishment!” we cried! We then took it in turns to slap his silly willy with a ruler. It didn’t go down one bit. In fact he writhed all over the floor moaning in pleasure.

Berkshire Mistresses Punish Sub

We decided to tie his legs and one wrist to a chair. Then we thought we would embarrass him by ordering him to play with himself whilst we watched and laughed at him. As he fiddled with his little man bits we did a running step by step commentary.  We mentioned how it was getting a little bigger but quite small and pathetic still. We commented on how preposterous he looked and how he was breathing heavily and what a dirty little pervert he was. It was all too much for him to take and he exploded all down his little short trousers. He was as red as a tomato that had been left sitting in the Nevada dessert all day long –  then topped with cherry sauce!

“Clean up dirty boy!” we scolded throwing tissues at him! “Next time you are caught behaving in such an unruly manner you will be made to parade around in your underpants in front of everyone.”

He apologised sincerely, his brow wrinkled but a smile playing on his weather old face and then made his way back to ‘class.’

You can book your Domme Duo with myself and Mistress Sin by calling the booking line. We absolutely adore fantasy role play and fun scenarios.

Princess Kaz xx

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