Princess Kaz’s Guide To Valentines Day – For Single Men

Princess Kaz’s Guide To Valentines Day for all you single men out there!

Valentines Day is fast approaching but many of you chaps may be young free and single or may not have found the right person to settle down with yet.

There are many ways you can enjoy Valentines day without being in a relationship. Here are 10 ideas for you to celebrate Valentines Day if you are single.

1.Visit a Mistress and give in to some of the dark inner desires that you have always fantasised about. Whether it’s being bound and tethered and at your Mistresses mercy, or simply a kinky little role play,  let yourself go and enjoy being a deviant whilst you are still single.

Princess Kaz's Guide To Valentines Day

2. Treat yourself to a fat juicy steak, a bottle of Jack Daniels or some beers and watch a shit hot action movie.  The anti-super hero movie Deadpool is out this weekend. Check it it, eat good food, spoil yourself!

3. Send a Valentines card to every hot girl you know and sign it – BEFORE Valentines day. You never know you might even get a Valentines date out of it! If you do hot the jackpot it’s probably best that you don’t mention the other 14 cards you sent – desperation is never appealing!

4. Sissy’s and subs who are into feminisation might like to treat themselves to a visit to a lingerie store. What do you fancy? Silk stockings? Suspenders? A balconette bra? A sweet little silk thong? Buy a few items, some red lipstick and lube and enjoy playing dress up at home. All girls love a little champagne and chocolate whilst pampering themselves so don’t forget to put some Moet or Veuve Cliquot (Rose, naturally!) and some chocolate coated hearts in your trolley! Oooh a nice bubble bath filled with pink fizzing bath bombs feels quite luxurious too! Go on Sluts – be naughty! Princess Kaz demands it!

Princess Kaz's Guide To Valentines Day

5. Book a cam show. Whether it be a sexy brunette escort or a strict Mistress, enjoy getting out some of your frustration and slip into a world of fantasy for half an hour.  Adult Work is a good bet.

6. Have a massage. This is guaranteed to relax you and make you feel perkier. If you get a hot masseuse that’s a bonus! Just try to hide your stiffy if it’s a professional establishment!

7. Think what you would have spent if you had a Missus – now use that money to buy something you wouldn’t normally. Whether it be tickets to a sporting event, a good bottle of Brandy or a new suit. You are quids in – what’s there not to smile about! 😉

8. Turn the lights down, light some candles and dig out your favourite porn. You have official permission from Princess Kaz to wank yourself into absolute oblivion!

9. Get some mates together and have an anti-Valentines Day party. Of course at the first sign of a hot chick showing interest in you, ditch the mates and get lucky!

10. Visit a sex shop and buy a selection of stuff you would never normally think of buying.  Go home, try it out, brush up on your skills. This time next year you will be a sexual athlete. See this as the preparation you need to wow the perfect girl.

Have a great weekend everyone – Princess Kaz xx

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