Kinky Politicians

Kinky Politicians – oh you naughty lot! Commentary from your Dominatrix In Berkshire.

We already know that politicians can be a kinky lot. There’s been a fair bit of scandal in the press when it was discovered that porn sites and fetish sites including BDSM, Gay, fat fetish and foot fetish sites were being access from Parliament. A spokeswoman claimed this was accidental. However you and I both are aware that you can’t accidentally visit a gay website 2,828 times or a Transsexual community 3000 times. Can you imagine it? “Oops! I just clicked Birch place again – for the 2999th time – oh butter fingers! ”

I don’t think we should really give a damn what they get up to in their spare time, they are human beings too (well…most of them) although it is slightly worrying that time that should be spent sorting out the country is instead spent ogling obese ladies and Transsexuals instead.

Aside from the fact that they are being exceeding naughty using work time to get their kicks, I think the fact that many of these politicians have fetishes humanises them and makes them more like everyone else.  Take away the status and the pay packet (and massive expense allowances) they are just like us. Although in some cases less ethical.

So what if they have a thing for submitting to powerful women, they spend most of their days making major decisions so I can understand why they might wish to explore their submissive sides. And what wouldn’t most people give to give a Politician a swift kick to the gonads or have him grovelling at your feet? Sounds like a tremendous time spent well 😉 Sign me up!

Politicians that have come under fire for alleged visits to dominatrix’s and escorts includes George Osbourne. He must have been bricking it when he first learned about his ‘friend’ Miss Whiplash’s candid book set to reveal all.

Kinky Politicians

In 1993 the Conservative Party held a Conference to rebrand the party as “The home of traditional values and moral integrity.” Which probably wasn’t the best move. This is what happened next!

Later in 1993 it was alleged that Transport Minister Steven Norris, a married man had five mistresses over spanning 25 years.

In 1994 MP Michael Brown was accused of engaging in a homosexual affair with a 20 year old man. Which at the time was under the age of consent. If you ask me if you are over 18 years of age, then you are old enough to enter into a sexual relationship. But at the time this act was highly illegal!

MP Stephen Milligan died of auto erotic asphyxiation in February 1994 – he should have had a good dominatrix mind him whilst playing these games and he probably would still be here today to buy her autobiography an read all about it!

Kinky Politicians

Pretty shocking stuff! I believe it is morally wrong to have affairs or to break laws that you made yourself. Also hypocrisy is something that I don’t tolerate well. However, I also believe it is wrong to shame MP’s and Politicans (or anyone for that matter) for their kinks as long as what they are doing is consensual and legal.

Us Brits have an absolute fascination with other peoples sex lives, and sadly this is often used to flame and condemn or dispose of people. If someone does their job well and in all other aspects of life are useful, valuable people with good ethics, then who gives a flying donkey whether they like toes, spanking, FaceSitting (on no they’ve banned that one) or even strap-on fun! Live and let live.  Perhaps if everyone was able to be more open like the rest of Europe there would be less pressure and stress in Britain and more people would walk around wearing smiles!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Your Dominatrix In Berkshire

Princess Kaz xx

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