Mistress Enforces Zoras Punishment – Part 2

This is Part 2 of Zora’s adventures.

This text contains scenes of a highly graphic nature, so only read on if you are not easily disturbed or offended! 😉 Do not replicate these scenes at home! 😉


Light streamed through the window as a male dressed in a french maids outfit and stockings opened the curtains. Through the window Zora spied miles of countryside lined with leafy trees. She really was in the middle of nowhere she thought.

‘Morning’ chirped the maid. He was around 5’6, wore a pair of 6 inch heels and a blonde wig with plaits each side.

Zora rubbed her eyes in astonishment. “Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m here to oversee things and make sure you are ready for the Mistress. Just call me Maid.” He replied. “Now come along, it’s a big day for you and you need a little grooming.

Maid helped Zora into a robe and led her to a chamber where a bath was freshly poured. To the side of the bathroom was a tray on which was prepared a bowl of fresh fruit salad, a cranberry juice, toast and cereals.

“You must keep your energy up The Mistress won’t be happy otherwise. I’ll have your costume laid on the bed by the time you are back to the room.” With that Maid turned on his heel and flounced out of the room, his little skirts flowing up and down as he skipped along in his heels.

Zora stood bemused for a moment. This was quite an odd place but she was sure that there was more to come! She slipped off her robe and slid into the hot steaming bath. The pale pink petals and rose scent was a nice touch but confused her somewhat. She could understand being a Slave but also being treated like a guest with a touch of luxury? Quite baffling!

She sunk down into the bath water and held her breathe as water covered her head. He hands started to travel south, then she scolded herself remembering her Mistresses words. But it was tomorrow now wasn’t it? For a moment she toyed with the idea of misbehaving herself but decided that she best not displease Princess. Damn!

After a long luxurious soak she returned to the room. Drying her hair on the towel she discovered that Maid had indeed left her ‘costume’ on the bed. She examined the neat pile – a tight latex mini dress in red with little suspender hooks at the bottom. A set of silk black stockings and a pair of black shiny knee high boots with a ridiculously long heel. She wasn’t quite sure how she would walk in those but was excited at the prospect of putting it all on. The door knocked and Maid appeared.

“I’m sorry I must help you into the latex. It isn’t an easy process and Princess will be furious if it is ripped. You know you must get used to being comfortable naked around others now. Princess will not tolerate coyness.”

The powerful career minded woman in Zora flared up inside and she was about to protest until she remembered why she had come here.

“Do what you have to do. ” She replied.

Maid set about lubing the inside of the dress and as Zora stepped into it he slowly squeezed it up over her legs and hips, taking great care with the fabric and shining it as he went into a was a luscious, shining deep red. He pulled it up over her breasts apologising as he went. He had a very gentle touch and seemed very earnest about doing a good job. Zora didn’t feel threatened and started beginning to enjoy being dressed by someone else. She concluded to herself that it was probably quiet hard to feel threatened by a man in a goldilocks wig and heels!

Soon the dress was on and the latex clung to her hips, behind and breasts. She had to admit it looked amazing! Maid helped her into the stockings which glided on and clung tight to her legs. She couldn’t resist the urge to stroke them.

“Quite beautiful aren’t they Miss?” said Maid. “Mistress must be fond of you. Not everyone gets such nice things.” he gave her a cheeky wink and flashed his stockings “We are two of the lucky ones!”

Zora smiled then relaxed as Maid applied her make up and played with her hair. She had felt a little nervous about a guy doing her make up but maid was an absolute wizard with the make up brushes as she gasped as she looked back at her reflection. She looked every inch a glamorous little slut! Finally she stepped into the high heeled boots and hobbled a little. She span round admiring herself. The latex dress skirt only covered her bottom half way down and she had not been given any pants to wear. She blushed but felt slightly aroused thinking of what would happen next.

“You look quite fab, Miss Zora.” said Maid. “Just be sure to do whatever the Princess says. Oh and make sure you sign those forms before she arrives” He gestured to a pile of paperwork on the bed and then made his exit, curtseying as he went.

‘What a funny but lovely chap’ she thought as she picked up the papers. They appeared to be consent forms agreeing to the services she had paid for during her holiday of submission.

“In for a penny in for a pound’ she said aloud to herself and signed with a flourish. Then she sat and waited.


Princess eventually appeared, quietly like a stealthy cat creeping out of the shadows. Today she wore skin tight PVC leggings and a matching PVC bra all in black with black leather cuffs and spike adorning them. Her hair was up showing off her cheekbones and deviant smile and Zora stared up at her in awe.

“Stand up” barked Princess.

The flame haired sub stood a little nervously wobbling in the heel highs and feeling a little self conscious.

“Twirl for me.” Princess commanded.

Zora obliged.

“More slowly slut!”

Zora turned again this time slowly whilst Princess admired the vision before her.

“Perfection. Play your cards right and you may be one of my favourites” Princess encouraged.

“Now slut, tell me. Would you rather please me or my male Slave?”

“You of course princess” replied Zora, not sure whether to meet Princess’s eyes or not.

“Look me in the eye when you talk to me. Your eyes are quite beautiful slut. I like to see the emotions dancing about in them” She gazed deep into her subs eyes hypnotically causing Zora to weaken and go giddy at the thought of her Mistresses perfect touch.

“So. It has been decided. You will pleasure my Sub. If you do a good job, then you may pleasure me.”

Princess barked an order and a black male appeared wearing a leather hood. His body was strong and muscular and he moved gracefully towards her. He wore a gold chain around his neck with the words “Pet” on it and a black leather thong.

As he entered Princess stroked him affectionately. “This is Alpha. He is very talented and you will be good to him I trust?”

Zora gulped and then nodded.

“Do you know what’s expected of you slut?”

“I think so Miss”.

“Then what is expected Slut?”

“I am to please him?”

“Correct Slut. You will pull down his leather thong and take his big hard cock in your mouth until there is a lovely explosion. Then I will mark you out of ten. Ok, you may begin.”

Zora crawled towards Alpha on her knees and pulled down the leather thong. His already hard cock sprang out to a length or ten inches. What surprised her the most though was the girth. She wondered how she would get it in her mouth. She opened her mouth taking it in delicately and began to suck.

“That’s good slut.” Said Princess approvingly. “Be sure to use the tongue, lick the shaft and take it deep.”

Zora flicked her tongue up and down the rigid shaft, licking and teasing and then took it back into her mouth. She pursed her lips around it, looking up at her Mistress wide eyed to gauge signs of approval. It seemed Princess was pleased. Zora looked up at the hooded face to get a better look at the male sub but the hood shrouded his features. Despite not being able to see his face, his presence and aura was comforting. He seemed like a gentle giant, a gentle giant with an amazing physique. It was quite humiliating being forced to take a strangers erect penis with an audience and noticing her discomfort Princess hollered at Maid to come and watch too, enjoying her uneasiness.

“What do you think Maid?” Asked Princess.

“Oh Mistress, I think you have a very talented Sub here. She is very enthusiastic.” he replied.

Zoras’s cheeks burned but she continued. Feeling a mixture of shame and exhilaration wash over her.

“Isn’t it a wonderful penis Zora?” Asked Princess.

“Yes Mistress.”

“What do you like about it my little buttercup?”

“It’s very smooth and nice and big Mistress.”

“Good girl. Now keep going. I can tell he is close and you are to take it all over your face.”

Zora looked a little shocked and nearly protested but then eyed the whip in Princess’s hand and decided against it. Instead she continued to pleasure the large black cock in her mouth, feeling Alpha begin to tremble and shake against her.

“Permission to come Princess?” Alpha begged.

“Yes Alpha. You may come all over her face.”

With that suddenly Alpha exploded, spurting thick jets of cream all over Zora’s face.

“Now thank Zora” ordered Princess.

“Thank you Zora” a breathless Alpha mumbled.

Zora lifted her hand to wipe the jets of cream from her face when suddenly she felt a sharp sting on her right arse cheek.

“No slut! You never wipe away the cum until instructed. Now you will be punished!”

Princess grabbed Zora by the wrist and led her down a corridor and then into a dark room lined with cages. Inside the cages there were naked men – around 6 of them.

“This is the pen for bad pets. Do you know why they are bad pets Zora?”

“No Mistress.” she replied meekly.

“Because these pets cannot keep their hands to themselves.” she addressed the caged men.

“Look at my beautiful new slut? ” As she spoke she lifted Zora’s skirt to her hips and pulled her breasts out so that everything was on display.  “This pet is a slut and just took a big alpha cock for me. Look at the jets of semen still running down her face.”

There were mumbles of “Lucky alpha.”

“I am hoping” Princess began. “That Zora will be a good girl for me. “Princess rubbed her hands over Zora’s crotch and breasts as she spoke.

Zora was mortified. She felt such shame at being exposed in front of this group of men, and with her face covered in semen as well. She felt the urge to rub it off but didn’t dare. Oh the shame!

“If you are not a good girl Zora. I will let all of these men grope  these beautifully tits and creamy little pussy and come all over your pretty face. Do you understand.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I don’t think you do! I must set you an example as a warning. Now come crawl here.” She motioned to one of the cages and pushed Zora onto her back placing her hands beneath her. Zora lay still and compliant.

“Viper, pop your cock through the cage and masturbate over her. I would like her face even creamier.”

“Oh yes Mistress! Thank you so much Mistress!” Viper’s face was full of glee and he popped his veiny looking cock through the cage whilst he tugged and pulled. He certainly wasn’t attractive looking like Alpha and it was very humiliating for Zora to have this odd looking, wrinkled looking men with a rather strange looking penis rub his cock over her. The caged men all had a hungry look in their eyes like wild animals waiting for a piece of meat and she spied more than a couple of huge erections as they feaster their eyes upon her. She was glad of the cages and her mind wandering began to think about them all groping her, touching her and ejaculating over her like wild beasts. Despite her shame and fear, she felt a tingle below and an ache and realised that the thought of it excited her quite a lot. She imaged being completely vulnerable and at their mercy as they used her as a sex toy. Then she felt shame and embarrassment again. As Princess watched her, she started to stroke Zora’s inner thighs. Her fingers edged closer and closer to her pussy as Zora writhed on the floor. The caged men couldn’t believe their luck and hard cocks throbbed in every direction.

Princess teased Zoras’s pussy and gently tabbed at her clit which was becoming extremely wet.  In her arousal Zora coudn’t help thinking about these men taking her now under her Mistresses instruction and using her. Then sensing that Zora was getting very excited, Princess cruelly pulled away, denying her an orgasm.

“Ejaculate on her face Viper.” Princess commanded and a red face Viper huffed and puffed as he exploded hard, shooting yet more strings of creamy muck over Zora’s face.

A frustrated and embarrassed Zora knew better than to wipe it away and even as Princess pulled her to her feet she meekly followed, her head bowed.

Princess lead her to back to the room. “Now slut, you will sit here and contemplate your behaviour. You will not wash. If you remain like a good girl until I get back, I may have a slightly nicer treat for you.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Zora said gratefully to be back in the safety of the room. She wondered what Princess had in store for her next and trembled with a mixture of dread and excitement! At least what she had come here to forget was rapidly fading. For that she was thankful.




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