Zora Becomes The Slave Of A Blonde Dominatrix – Part 1.

A Blonde Dominatrix and her willing victim –  Some lesbian domination fiction for my readers.

Zora was a successful career woman and most would say devastatingly beautiful. She stood at 5’7 with flame red hair which flowed in cascading ringlets down her back and over her pert bust. Not only was this woman a wonder to behold, but she possessed a sharp intellect and a wit about her that would leave men putty in her hands.  This was a woman that could capture any man her heart desired and she usually had a string of men chasing her. It was all to easy though, and something deep with Zora craved the touch of a dominant female. A women that would tease her, control her and reduce her to a quivering wreck in the throes of orgasm. It was this desire that had brought Zora to the old grey building where she stood right now. She quickly peered around through her sunshades and hurried up to the old wooden door. It opened and Zora disappeared inside.


Zora hurried along the passageway behind the blonde woman clad from neck to toe in PVC who tightly clutched her hand. As she followed behind her she couldn’t help admiring the way the fabric clung to the blonde woman’s behind, the light bouncing off it like rays of sunshine. She felt excitement rise in her chest, and down in her pants if she was to be honest with herself.

The blonde woman pulled her into a room which glowed with candle light. In the middle of the room stood a four poster bed from which hung various ropes, chains and other odd looking devices. Candelabras filled the room which had an archaic look to it. It felt comfortable and inviting despite some of the aggressive looking devices which hung from the wall.

“You may call me Princess” the blonde woman told her. “And kneel when I speak to you” Zora dropped to her knees obediently, admiring the woman’s perfect figure. “Are you staring at my breasts?” asked Princess.

“No, I mean yes, erm..”

Princess laughed a sweet little chuckle and leant forward stroking Zora’s hair gently.

“If you were a male I would beat you senseless for the privilege. However as you are so pleasing on the eye, perhaps a gentle spanking may be in ordering.” As she spoke she pushed her cleavage into Zora’s face and she gasped with pleasure at the sensation.

“Please Princess, you mustn’t go easy on me.” Zora gently whispered.

“Then so be it. From this moment you are my slut. You will wear nothing unless I instruct you. If I want to use you in anyway that I see fit, you will comply. If I punish you or spank you, you will take it with no complaint. If I decide to reward you with pleasure you will kiss my feet. Understand?”

“I understand Princess.”

“Good, Now remove your clothes.”

Zora began to remove her shirt a little shyly whilst Princess looked on, her hands on her hips, a small smile playing on her lips. As Zora slipped off her bra. Princess nodded with approval, then she flipped Zora over onto her knees and pulled up her skirt revealing a tiny G string. She started to gently spank her pale behind, gradually building up  the intensity and enjoying stroking Zora’s soft flesh in between. Zora flinched a little but did her best to please her Mistress and take her punishment well. In between Princess cupped Zora’s breasts, stroking them and occasionally pinching her pink nipples until she yelped a little.

“You bottom looks beautifully pink now” The blonde dominatrix said at last with a satisfactory smile. No go and lie in the bed. ”

Zora obeyed, both sets of cheeks flushed and her eyes twinkling brightly in the candle lit room. As she laid back, Princess set about cuffing her wrists and ankles into restraints so that eventually she lay fully naked in a star shaped position unable to move. Princess leant over Zora, her body twisting like a cat in her figure hugging shiny body suit. She teased the tip of her tongue over Zora’s nipples and gently sucked until she heard s gentle moan.

Then Princess placed a collar around Zora’s neck which was studded with diamante letters which read ‘SLUT’.

“Today you will be mine. I will test you and see what you can do. Then tomorrow I will have you pleasure one of my male Slaves and see if you are good enough to keep.”

“Yes Mistress” Zora responded her eyes wide and her full lips parted.

Princess sauntered off to a rack where she selected a leather riding crop. Slowly she inspected Zora as if summarising her capabilities. Then suddenly she brought down the crop sharply on Zora’s thigh which forced her to emit a squeak.

“Aww my poor baby” Princess mocked stroking the flesh where the crop had landed. Then she brought the crop down another 5 times connecting with Zora’s thighs and breasts. this time Zora was expecting the punishment so took it remarkably well.

Princess then fetched a large looking vibrator, golden in colour and encrusted with crystals. Turning it on she ran it over Zora’s breasts which made her tremble in anticipation. She rolled it down to her thighs, moving it round and round gently, gradually increasing the vibrating with made Zora’s whole body burn with desire. Her Mistress moved the toy closer towards her pussy which had Zora arching her back and moaning in anticipation. Then Princess stopped very suddenly. She leant forward and brushed her lips against Zora’s teasingly.

“Zora my little buttercup, my little cherry, you must earn such rewards. Please myself and my male slave tomorrow and you will reap great rewards that will bring you to a shuddering climax. Then the Blonde Dominatrix untied one of Zora’s hands enabling her to untie the rest herself. Then she slowly meandered to the door, let herself out and locked it.

Frustrated and slightly tearful, Zora’s hands wandered downwards. “No touching yourself till I say” barked an order from the other side of the door. An abashed and surprised Zora lifted her hands back up to her waist and waited, anticipating the day ahead.


Zora becomes a slave

Zora becomes a slave

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