Adult Baby Gets His Nappy Changed

Today your Kinky Hertfordshire Mistress minded an adult baby.

Today I did a session with a lovely chap who just loves to be an adult baby in his spare time.

Bobby arrived with a satchel full of goodies to use in the session to ensure he was a well pampered, spoilt little baby. He was a very good boy and arrived wearing a nappy under his trousers which had adorable little teddy bears on

I took Bobby’s clothes off and placed a little bib on him. I had a lovely Raspberry mouse for him to enjoy and didn’t want him getting it all over his blazer. I spoon fed him the mousse which he slurped up happily like a little cherub and he managed to gobble it all up without spilling a drop! Then I gave him his dummy and the little dear laid down on my chest curling his knees into his chest and said ‘You’re a good Babysitter!’.

Often adult babies can be very naughty and need some discipline. They might throw their toys, be disagreeable, or even flick their food around! I have even had them wailing and shouting ‘Me No Like!‘ when trying to feed them something nutritious. Bobby was probably one of the most well behaved adult babies I have ever sessioned with. He admitted he was a little nervous and hadn’t done much of this fetish before.

I then checked his nappy which was clean. I decided to change him anyway as I think he had got a little excited so needed a fresh nappy. I didn’t want him getting a nappy rash after all! He asked me lots of questions whilst I cleaned him down with baby wipes and applied Sudocreme to his bottom. Then it was a fresh nappy and plastic pants over the top. I then fed Bobby some juice from his bottle and he had a little nap on me whilst sucking on his dummy and snuggling in. If only all adult babies were this easy to care for. My kitten is harder work than this!

Finally Bobby had a little crawl round the floor and watched a music video in awe – his eyes gaping wide at Gwen Stefani on the screen. I wondered if my adult baby ought to be exposed to such sexy pop icons on Youtube but reasoned he was well over 25 years of age so it probably wouldn’t hurt! 😉

I checked his nappy again, rubbing it all over. Then he twitched and said he had got all excited in his nappy and thanked me for being a good babysitter!

It was a really fun session and I enjoy dealing with adult babies as they don’t take anything too seriously. Even when they are naughty it’s fun as I get to tell them off and enjoy their cute little protests as I spank their over sized nappy clad arses!

Ladies – are your husbands over sized baby’s who are in need of discipline or time in my adult baby creche? Simply drop them into me where they will be well supervised or chastised whilst you enjoy a day shopping. Winner!

Gents – don’t have a wife to baby you and keep you in check? Babysitter Princess Kaz will take good care of you and make sure you eat up all your food and are nice and clean. Just no throwing your toys or you are in BIG trouble!

Adult Baby Gets His Nappy Changed

Adult Baby Gets His Nappy Changed

Your Kinky Hertfordshire Mistress  – Princess Kaz X

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    Could you come visit me in weston s mare
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